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Monday, 1 May 2017

Meet the young man Lagos Mainland is clamouring for as their Incoming Chairman

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In the Mid 80’s, Dayo was born in Lagos Nigeria and raised in Ebute Metta by His Single/Widowed Mum and Prayer warrior grandmother in a single room on Jebba Street. Today, He is running to become the next Chairman of the Local Government – Lagos Mainland LG. Dayo was born into the Abdulai Family in Olowogbowo (Agbole Baba Eleran/Baba Dudu) and the Banire Family in Ibita Ofin Lagos Island.
Lagos Mainland gave me an opportunity for a good start, I spent my early years growing up on Kano Street, Jebba Street, Apapa road and Iponri. The Primary School I attended were Gloryville and Prime Day Spring Nursery and Primary School, then in Onike and now in Odunfa. Gradually I saw our community deteriorate, many of my age mates getting pregnant before graduation, many dropping out of school due to extreme poverty. I had expected that things will improve but regular interaction with our community members have shown that these challenges remain” He said.
“I am burdened that if we do not act and do more, the next generation will miss out on the opportunities that our community gave me when I was growing up. For a young man with a lot of dreams and impact, Lagos Mainland is not where it should be.
In August 2016, Dayo trained over 7000 mainlanders in vocational skills for 3 weeks free of charge. That was not the first time, in 2007, without any political ambition and as a student, Dayo travelled to Nigeria to organise a 6 weeks free summer school for mainland youth in Ebute Metta.
Dayo Israel is an Advisor to Governments, International Development Specialist, and Preacher. He is also a globally recognized personality with over 15years of professional experience in international development having worked with organisations such as The United Nations, British Council, Save the Children UK, UNICEF, in various capacities. He was selected by the United Nations to represent all delegates to the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children on a special CNN Live Interview in 2002. He was specially invited by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh to a private reception at Buckingham palace as a result of his contribution to Africa Diaspora Development, the only ever recipient of the Young PEWA (Person Earnestly Working for Africa) Award at the office of the Mayor of London. He was also invited by the Obama Administration to the White House President’s Forum for Young African Leaders in Washington DC and an Alumnus of the US State Department International Visitors Leadership Program that has produced over 400 Heads of Government globally.
Aside procuring over 20 Jamb forms for student this year, Dayo is also offering a 5 weeks free jamb lesson to Mainland students. According to him “Its not enough to offer them jamb form, we must get them into University by empowering them with the knowledge to pass the exam”.
A former student leader, Dayo was the First African to be elected a Student Council Chair at London Metropolitan University and served on the University’s Academic Board with the Vice Chancellor, representing over 30, 000 students on the board. He was also a member of the Research and Development Committee of the University with the Deputy Vice Chancellor during his Post Graduate days.
Dayo pioneered a lot of advocacy towards the enactment of the Child Rights Act and Juvenile Justice Framework in Nigeria. At 16, He was appointed the Chairman of the Presidential Summit of Nigerian Children after leading the Nigerian Children delegation to the United Nations Special Session on Children in New York.  
“My mission is to restore opportunity, and in doing so protect and advance Mainland’s competitiveness and upgrade its status to a world-leading community of opportunity and creativity, contributing to the effort of my Governor H.E Akinwunmi Ambode in advancing our dear Lagos State. My first priority will be to revamp our primary health care centres and primary schools. Health is wealth and without access to good basic healthcare, our lives will continue to be at risk. I will also tackle the poverty and unemployment crisis that rocks Lagos Mainland; we need to take pragmatic action to end poverty and promote entrepreneurship in Mainland”, He said.
Dayo recently organised a Mega One Mainland Peace Concert in Ebute Metta on Easter Monday which featured Majek Fashek, Jaywon, Mike Abdul, Monique, Wole Oni, Ibitayo, Doris Simeon, Femi Branch and more.
Dayo was elected into the Nigerian Children’s Parliament at the age of 14 and rose to the position of the Deputy Senate President of the National Children’s Parliament until His retirement. After serving as One Day Commissioner for Information in Lagos State, He was privileged to have received scholarship from the then Governor of His State Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to study Law at London Metropolitan University.
Dayo sponsored the renovation (face-lifting) of the APC Party Secretariat in Lagos Mainland LG. He said “the Secretariat represents the image of our great party and must continue to be befitting of a party that will transform the Local Government, the State and our great Country. Your environment influences you, so when I visited the secretariat recently and saw the state of the place, I said to myself something must be done.”
 “I will make Mainland safer and more secure, with a renewed focus on neighbourhood policing, action to tackle the spread of hooliganism, and fighting for the resources our police and fire services need. In doing so, I will keep the LMLG local government tax precept down, as far as possible. With money so hard to have for so many Mainlanders, my promise is to keep council levy as low as possible without risking public service. Above all we will make sure our Local Government Secretariat listens to Mainlanders and involves them more directly in the decisions that affect our city. I’ve got the experience, values and vision to put Mainland back on the right track”. He said.
About 2000 Lagos Mainlanders have benefitted from free medications, Genotype testing and comprehensive quantum tests at the various Comprehensive Health Fairs organised by Dayo Israel in Okobaka/Ilenjo, Otto, Otumara and Apapa Road.
Dayo Israel is one of the foremost aspirant in the race and believes that the office of the Chairman shouldn’t be bogged down by sentiments but ability to perform, transform the lives of community members and fulfilling the Party Manifesto. 
Perhaps, these and more are why Lagos Mainland Local Government residents are clamouring for the All Progressive Congress to nominate Dayo Israel as their Flag bearer in Lagos Mainland. Dayo has a campaign website on .


Douglas Akpu-Agbata said...

Yes. He is qualified.

Anonymous said...


FRESH said...

Now, this is some impressive Cv for someone vying for public office in Nigeria. I hope the youths help him get into office & not allow the usual rogues give them money to defeat this chap,then they'll be grumbling on social media afterwards?

FRESH said...

Now, this is some impressive Cv for someone vying for public office in Nigeria. I hope the youths help him get into office & not allow the usual rogues give them money to defeat this chap,then they'll be grumbling on social media afterwards?

Emeka Izuogu said...

Hmm o hope he will do better in office,but his face tho looks who will loot for Africa

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

New set of promises

... Merited happiness

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.. ebutemetta needs help... if he would be different and they won't kill him before he wins... Godspeed

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

His write up is so poor and basically sentiment based. Did he not go to high school and university? Bros it seems u are only there for money

Anonymous said...

I know this young man, and he is worth a lot more than what is in the writeup here. We are at a point in our nation when new thinking is required. This young man represents a crop of new , young emerging leaders with fresh thoughts. Lagosians, we need to make a conscious effort to take the necessary action and Vote in young and energetic Nigerians

Anonymous said...

Wasting of money; any attempt to vote this yahoo boy will a colossal damage to the entire good people of mainland.

Remilekun said...

I hope the youths help him get into office [(Increase your penis size @]

& not allow the usual rogues give them money to defeat this chap,then they'll be grumbling on social media afterwards?

samson ajayi said...

Impressive CV. Sponsored miscreants are looking @ write up and questioning education level but don't think they have 1 tenth of the CV. Look out for best Candidate that this young man represents than continue to mortgage ur future on the altar of stomach infrastructure.Go on Hon Dayo Israel we prefer you to bootlickers and political jobbers. We believe u will deliver.

Anonymous said...

Dayo Israel is a FRAUD and a CRIMINAL.

Jerry Otor said...

If you don't know anything about Dayo Israel. Just keep quit and stop ranting your stupid mouth. You should study a person before judging. Even you that you are judging are you a holy. Idiot people with one percent 1% brain. I stand for Dayo Israel any day any time. He Will win and Mainland will be better. Focus on your ability to perform your God given task. After all Jesus was criticized and he moved on.

Olu$c said...

If someone has developed a large heart for success and community service from childhood,such a fellow should be given a try and not to be disparaged. We can't doubt the fact that some people could have been paid to damage his image/reputation anywhere he shows up because this is politics but if God sees that his heart is genuine your attacks will end up in futility because God will commit to defending and prospering him to the end.

Jay said...

Has he duped you? I once lived with this dude back in London. He his a very intelligent, smart and passionate patriotism. We should all give him a chance. Are we not all tired with all these old men that keeps looting our treasury?

segun said...

This young man's C.V is massive and intimidating that I had to check him out. Alas what I saw in his website humbled and wowed me. I will employ the people of the Mainland to rally round this egg head. He looks to have been groomed over long years and seems to know his onion. I saw some comments of hates and jealous. Why that?? Pls let's be civil in our comments

Anonymous said...

Dayo Israel is a solid person of character and more so, qualified in every sense of evaluation. His disposition to work and general outlook to life is very enviable. He is a young man the Lagos Mainland needs to advance their lot.

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