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Thursday, 4 May 2017

May 5th anniversary promo in ICM

ICM is still celebrating its anniversary period till November 2017 when the grand raffle will hold and someone reading this and has shopped in ICM between December 2016 and the month the grand raffle will hold in November, will be rewarded with a getaway trip to Dubai for the weekend.

 For those not aware, a total of 5 shoppers are rewarded every month and winners have been emerging every month. This month, the grand prize winner will be going home with a brand new TEC OPTIMA Generator TEC GEN PTR LRG OPT 7500RS 6.25 KVA/5KW  courtesy Cash “n” Carry store in the mall.

On the 5th day of every month, the ICM team will randomly select and reward a shopper with a N20,000 anniversary gift card. So this Friday, a lucky shopper will be adding a bit more to what they previously planned for their shopping trip.

Samuel was our first ever winner and actually thought it was a fake. In his words “I will have to take this home (gift card) to show my family this is not 419”. Funmi, last month’s winner was with her 3 sons when she was approached by the ICM team. Her first response was “Ok, let me see the gift card”. She like Samuel didn’t think it was real.

Just shop up the value of 10,000 in any store in ICM and drop your receipts at the raffle box at the central entrance into the mall. And if you shopped in one of the participating stores, just drop your receipts in the raffle boxes stationed in the store.
Participating stores include Shoprite, Cash “n” Carry, Mango, Lego, Wrangler, Bheerhugz Café, Da Viva, Essenza, Silverbrid Cinemas and Office Everything.

Pictures of previous winners …

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