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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Matharoo sisters received emergency travel documents to escape from Nigeria - Canada's Immigration Department

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Indian sisters Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, who were arrested in Lagos last year, on accusations of extortion and blackmail, received emergency travel documents to escape from Nigeria.
They were in a situation of "extreme urgency," and that's why the High Commission of Canada in Lagos issued emergency travel documents for the sisters, who had made international headlines after allegedly attempting to blackmail one of the world's richest men, reports CBS News on Tuesday, May 16.

After their arrest, the sisters admitted on camera to being the owners of the now defunct damaging website NaijaGistLive and later apologised to Femi Otedola, his family and other petitioners they had written stories or attempted to extort money from.

Taranjot and Kiranjot Matharoo were arraigned before a magistrate court in Yaba and granted bail in the sum of N500,000 each and two sureties. The police seized a laptop, a camera and 2 Canadian passports from the sisters. However, at a second hearing into the case in January 2017, they did not appear in court.
The High Commission had issued documents for travel on a "discretionary basis," allowing the sisters to leave Lagos for Canada on Dec. 31, 2016.
In a statement, the Immigration Department confirmed it reviewed the "necessary documents" to ensure there were no restrictions on the women leaving Nigeria and also to determine that "there was a significant risk to their physical safety."
Kiran said she charged the only tickets available for Jan. 1, 2017 — business class with Air France, with a stop in France, during which they couldn't leave the airport. After landing in Toronto, they handed over their temporary travel document.
Source: CBC News


Olusegun Alabi said...

Very unserious system that we practise. D Canadian officials responsible should be expelled.

Eddy Ogbunambala said...


hrm paul said...

This iis so wrong d canadian embassy colluded with this bitches to evade arrest and justice.If it's a Nigerian dat was in need they won't issue travel documents.we have a weal government for God's sake they have a legal case on going and u issue dem travel documents to evadeand escape

Anonymous said...

Their country actually aided criminals to escape. Then they will say nigerian are bad people.

Anonymous said...

Before nko? When this stupid police n courts of ours plus corrupt politians and even Linda go dey terrorize innocent pple anyhow for this stupid country. That's a country that protects their 'own pple' from riff-raffs like Nigeria. Linda make I tell u one secret..if u or otedola go obodo oyinbo go fuck up peren like this, naija no go even show face talk less of giving u emergency travel docs sef!

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

nwachinemelu ibeagwa said...

....and u tell me dis country has value. Canada just helped them run away. Dis can't happen In Canada if reverse was d case

GALORE said...

Who told you they were criminals?

They only used what they had to get what they want.... And men that don't respect their home fell for


OSINANL said...


Anonymous said...

Erm, I think it's the other way round bruh...and yes, Nigerian govt plus police r truly bad pple. Linda aint saying d truth here.

Kelechi said...

Na who dem come fuck to death for Nigeria this time?

Perpetua Ebele said...

I don't knw who to blame again. Nigerians were their sureties that promised to provide them on the day their case will come up , but they also ran away. Knowing fully well that they committed the crime. Now 3 months after Segun Egbegbe n his accomplice were granted bail, no one to surety them, even d conditions of the surety is or doesn't look attainable .

Anonymous said...

Which damn justice do u have in nigeria,please free the girls jare!!!. With all the damn evil and corruption otedola and co practise in Nigeria do u know how many innocent lives they have killed to maintain where they are..begots that the judgment of God will deal with.

Anonymous said...

Tell them please..os it Nigeria that Will give the girls.dair judgement..please go and relax at home girls..nigeria ain't worth it neither is the thief called otedola and his mates.

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