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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Man hacks his mother to death at their home in Cameroon (graphic photos)

A man butchered his mother at their home in Kimba Cameroon on Tuesday. The mother appeared to have been reading a bible when the brutal attack occurred as can be seen from the position of the bible sitting beside her.

Soon after the attack, members of the community gathered at the home of the victim where they roughed up the suspect, who is believed to be mentally challenged based on his conduct during questioning. He neither denied nor accepted the crime but simply sat, staring into space like he was lost.

In another video taken inside the house with the victim's bloodied corpse in view, different voices can be heard in the background screaming "Jesus".  No uniformed men were seen in the video and it seemed the mob were prepared to take laws into their hands.
See one of the videos below.


Mel said...

the mob should have just lynched the man to death, because he in cases like this.

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he is going to get free on technicalities. basically he would invoke the insanity plea.

Michaelwhite said...

Its a pity this isn't just ordinary... I believed he must have been possessed.... May her gentle soul rest in peace

uniquechic said...

may God accept her soul in heaven God almighty!!
possessed human being

Linda's pearl said...

Blood of Jesus..

Eddy Ogbunambala said...


Anonymous said...

If ur God accepts his soul then we can do any how knowing your God will have sympathy in the end

Anonymous said...

He should stew in his juice, please!

Anonymous said...

Linda its Kumba not Kimba. The guy is possess and he started saying things like, someone promised to take him to America if only he kills his mom. I was right there at the scene

ogbonna nwabueze said...

This one no well na.

okafor richard said...

It been 2year ma mum passed and the shock never leave til now....and his murafucker killed his own mum...set the beast ablaze

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