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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

LA airport opens luxury 'celebrity terminal' for rich and famous to avoid prying eyes and paparazzi

In order to prevent photographers from disturbing the rich and famous, the Los Angeles airport has opened a private 'celebrity terminal'. Officially named the 'Private Suite', the terminal offers a 'platinum-class' service, for anyone willing to pay a simple joining fee of $7,500 a year. 
It costs another $2,700 for up to four people, each time you use the service, or $3,000 for international flights. A description of the service on the Private Site website read;
  • The 'Private Suite' experience promises a smooth and super quick journey from car to plane.
  • Members of The Private Suite don’t wait in crowded lines because private security screening is done right in our building. 
  • Members don’t walk down long crowded concourses, or line up at ticket counters and boarding gates. They don’t deal with baggage and they don’t deal with paparazzi."
  • Members are treated to luxury service from the moment they step into the terminal.
  • Members spend their pre-flight time in totally private suites, each with its own bathroom, its own food-service pantry, a two-person daybed, and a runway view of aircraft landing and taking off.
  • When it’s time to board, Private Suite members are driven across the tarmac, Head-of-State style, directly to their aircraft.
  • A team of eight people is assigned to each member using the Private Suite at any one time, with two on hand to deal with any special requests.


LIS_Tiger said...

...yes to the good life...........


This is just business sense and simple sense to generate money..don't know y Nigeria can't do stuff like this or come up with idea like this...look at the runway they made in abuja airport its still local noting fancy..even chad will don't do sometin like dat..I hold my manhood and piss on all our leaders

Anonymous said...

Okay that is nice and it will really go well in Nigeria and America.

christie benjamin said...

Wow! Good Life.

ololade Salaudeen said...

I'm sure Kim won't make use of this terminal, not because she can't afford it but because she loves papparazi

ogbonna nwabueze said...

I join u piss on them

Anonymous said...

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