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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Is Tyga still crushing on his baby mama, Blac Chyna?

Blac Chyna who is in Vegas for her friend's wedding, shared this photo of herself on her IG page, and her baby Daddy, rapper, Tyga, liked it. More photos after the cut...


Alloy Chikezie said...

Naaah I don't think so, it might just be a sincere like.

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Anonymous said...

Crushing because he liked her picture?

So exes can't be civil to each other? It must be fight all the time. Make you for see something blog about... Na so!

Oghenetega said...

Petty much..
Just want the smallie 2b jealous.
Never knew Tiger no get sense until now sef..
Its just liking of pic though.

Anonymous said...

who no go like all those tantalizing body parts that Chyna is flaunting.

Nnenne George said...

I didn't see anything here that suggested it.. people always trying to make something out of nothing..

Anonymous said...

The girl can't just keep it classy for one single day .. The pict with the knife and her sticking her tongue out... Disgusting

Anonymous said...

Tyga is just trying to make Kyle she can come back to know she has money Nd his career isn't doing good at the moment,she has been helping him financially.

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Probably trying to get Kylie's attention.

Long live LIB

kamustaka79 bluestone said...

No crush. Just to get his ex's attention....get her jealous.

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