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Monday, 29 May 2017

International Foundation Year (IFY)

Students with WAEC/IGCSE can apply to study with us at the University of Leicester. Our start dates are September and January every year. Students can study on a wide range of subjects. Click the links below for list of course you could study on -

88% of students who completed their International Foundation Year with us in 2016 are now studying at the University of Leicester on their chosen courses.

We also have up to £2,500 scholarship to offer if you decide to study at University of Leicester International Study Centre.

Come discover the EXCELLENT University!

Francis Adekoya
Student Recruitment Manager
Tel: 09091749998

Useful Links:
About the International Study Centre:


Mr. Sesan said...

You can also find good and affordable schools here:

Anonymous said...

We need your £££££ in return for our A4 paper Certificate, usable ONLY in your country, to which you must reurn as soon as we give you the cerfificate; that is, if we choose to give it to you at our discretion!

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