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Friday, 19 May 2017

I didn’t give late Adeleke drug overdose - Nurse claims

The nurse who treated Sen. Isiaka Adeleke before he died, Mr Alfred Aderibigbe, has denied claims that he administered an overdose of a banned injection, Analgin, on Adeleke, which led to his sudden death last month. The Chief Medical Doctor of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Prof. Akeem Lasisi, had told a coroner investigating Adeleke's sudden death that preliminary investigations carried out by a team of medical experts, showed that the senator died of an overdose of a banned injection (Read here).
Aderibigbe who testified before the coroner today May 18th, said he had been Adeleke's nurse for over 15 years. According to him, all the drugs he administered on the late first civilian governor of Osun  were in  normal dosage. He added that it was the drugs given to him by the late senator that he ordered. 
“The senator gave me his drugs  which he brought from Lagos  to keep  on the evening of  Monday, April 17,  with the understanding that when he wants to take them,  he will call me to bring  them. 
On Sunday, April 23, at about 4 am, I was, however,  woken up by two men from the senator who banged on my gate and later informed me that the senator had been  calling my phone and that  I was not picking my calls.  
They said the senator needed me to come and treat him and that I should bring his drugs along. 
 I later went inside to get them and also found the  calls I missed on my phone. I called the senator but his friend, one Dipo Fagborode,  picked his call."
Continuing he said:
"As he was explaining what was going on, the senator himself collected the phone and asked  me to come quickly  that he was having serious knee  pains. 
When I got to the senator’s house, he asked  for his drugs and gave me his prescription which contained the dose I was to administer on him. 
The drugs which the senator kept with me that was to be administered  on him were Analgin injection, Diazepam injection, photroine injection and hydrocortisone. 
But the senator said I should not give him hydrocortisone because when he took it in Lagos, he had headache and was also vomiting. 
So the other drugs was what I gave him and they were in the right dosage. 
Even when the prescription said he should be given 20mg of diazepam, I had to limit it to 10mg because I discovered he had taken some oral pain painkillers.  
The two other injections I gave him were in the right proportion too– 50mg of Analgin and 1mg of photroine. 

 I waited for him to sleep and finish the drip/water I had already placed him on before I took my leave around 7:30 am
The reason I took my leave was to inform my church  because the day was a Sunday and  I would  not be able to teach the Sunday class. 
I returned  back to the Adeleke  residence  by 9:30 amBefore I left, I had told the senator’s friend, who was with me throughout the treatment,  to watch over him.  When I returned, I found the senator in the sleeping position I left him, and  on closer observation, his heart rate had dropped and his pulse was faint. I quickly gave him cardiac massage and called on his friend,  Dipo,  to assist me  and when the situation was beyond my control, I raised an alarm and he was quickly rushed to Biket hospital. By the time we got him to Biket hospital, the CMD, Dr Adebisi Adenle,  examined  his body and pronounced him “Brought in Dead.”
He asked  his friend what happen and he was told that the deceased complained of knee  joint pain and that I gave him some treatment.
“The doctor now  asked  me  what drugs I administered  on the deceased and I told him.  He  then said it was the normal drug  treatment for  gout.  But as the empty containers and  the previous drugs the deceased had taken were brought to the hospital on the doctor’s request, lies broke out that he died of overdose. The lies were generated by the crowd that had gathered at the hospital  because Sen. Adeleke’s campaign bus and his Escalade were used to convey him to the hospital.  As they drove against traffic, people got the hint that he was in trouble and gathered to find out more. 
The nurse stated that since the senator died, he had been arrested and detained by the police. He was however granted bail on May 2nd and has not returned home or work since then. He also stated that his wife and children have not been able to return to their home since the incident.
The coroner’s  sitting was later adjourned till Friday.


Nnenne George said...

He's already dead n buried. They should just allow this man to rip.

kk Mark said...

He is dead quite alright but his cause of death should be ascertained , justice done to his family and loved ones, culprits bring to book.
With that others will learn and prevent other people from RIP as you said !
If proper investigations not carried out and this trend of medical malpractices reduced/avoided, a lot more will continue to rest peace as we see in Nigeria everyday!
No body knows whose turn it will be to rest in peace through medical negligence, could be you or your loved ones!
So, NO , he should not RIP as you said until due investigations into his cause of death and due JUSTICE : only then can he rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

From đ story line,he died out of over dose which was caused by over zelousness of the nurse.however,the late senator should b blamed for his deat,for not knowing when to visit hospital.ppl should know the limit of their work in every aspect.

Anonymous said...

The drugs given to the senator cost him his life. Shikena.
With all the money he had, the senator should know better to consult a good doctor than to be self medicating. Unfortunately, the nurse and his family are in a mess now even though he gave the drugs as the senator requested.
Lesson from this: do what is right even if a big man pressures you to do what is wrong. In the end, you will have to give an account of what you did before God and man.

Anonymous said...

OK because he is a public figure? If it was a poor man his family won't get justice

Anonymous said...

KK Mark, have you done justice to many helpless Nigerians who were brutally killed and nothing is done? You are just a disgrace to the world. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of ....

Anonymous said...

KK Mark, have you done justice to many helpless Nigerians who were brutally killed and nothing is done? You are just a disgrace to the world. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of ....

Ushie Blessing said...


Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

With all the 30billion?from this write up,he was patronising a quack for 15years...I read in Linda 's post that the nurse is not certified. At least he should have called his doctor.again, from what this nurse is saying, the Senator brought his medication. My question is this, who prescribed the drugs for the Senator?is it has doctor, the nurse, or the senator bought from the pharmacy himself? If the nurse knew the late senator took some drugs already,is it not reasonable to ask and then mind what to give?since the system is already loaded...?

hrm paul said...

Dude administered d right dose he has been treating him for. 15years see what will be will be.He suffered a cardiac arrest some times common panadol can kill you the man has been dependent on that drug for a long time.murray Conrad is one of d best doctors in America yet he gave Michael Jackson an over dose or say they say

Morgan said...

If proper investigations not carried out and this trend of

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medical malpractices reduced/avoided, a lot more will continue to rest peace as we see in Nigeria everyday!

Anonymous said...

why wil d man need 10mg of iv diazepam when he is not mad

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't know that Analgin has been banned?

ken christy said...

It's quite unfortunate. They should please pity the nurse and release him. He has worked with him for a long time

Anonymous said...

With all his Billions couldn't he afford to get a Medical Doctor to manage his ailment? Or he didn't think his life was worth the fees of getting a professional private physician he rather chose to patronise a QUACK...this should be a wake up call to all his colleagues to do something to improve our Health Sector to avoid this kind of senseless deaths

Anonymous said...

The doctors offence was dat such drug suppose to b given by a doctor.but Michael do administer đ drug by him self.but because his normal dose could not put him to sleep, he den took several doses on his own and when đ drug started acting it was too much just dsame tin wit dat of senator.40mg of diazepam as reported by đ çmd

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