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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

"I bagged myself a good man" - Adesua Etomi says to Lady who called her lucky for getting engaged to a 'money bag'

An Instagram user commented on a picture of singer BankyW kissing his wife-to-be, Adesua Etomi on her forehead during their Introduction recently, and congratulated the actress for securing a 'money bag' husband. Etomi replied, informing the person that she makes her own money and found a 'Good' man instead. See the comments after the cut.


Anonymous said...

Can you just imagine what somebody just said to her fellow women? Thank God for wisdom. Nice response from Adesuwa.

Anonymous said...

@Adesua, avoid replying such people. How is Banky a moneybag? Is he a billionaire? Maybe she doesn't know that you and Banky are celebrities! Maybe she has never watched any film starring Adesua Etomi. Nigerians? Hehehe! Our people sha!

James said...

Let's be honest here, even money bags are hard to find.

Anonymous said...

Banky bagged himself a gem...He's so blessed too. Money ain't everything!

Anonymous said...

Na real wah for all these fans ooo

Halima Yahaya said...

Mind your damn business haba

lavie said...

Am not beefing but what's all these about her being lucky or whatsoever. I see nothing extraordinary in Banky, for me he s the lucky one. I advise they enter their house and lock it up cos each time, their news is all I see and hear. I don talk my own

Oghenetega said...

I Love Adesua and I will implore her to Bone all these silly bitter ppl with silly question b4 they will start picking on her..
They are waiting 4 her mistakes & the Bashing will start..
She should learn from Banky & Ignore the Lowlifes.
She has been that way all along and should try as much as possible to stick 2 that..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Banky is not even rich,just an okay guy

Anonymous said...

Come back in ten years and tell us he is good, with this your flat bum, Nigerian men love flesh.

Anonymous said...

For me, there is nothing lucky marrying a musician.
Life style: club, women, booze, limelight etc. I wish her blissful marriage. Am not hating, just my mind.

oiza said...

Ok... I just feel she shouldn't have replied cos that's an ignorant follower I mean we all know that she works for her money.. you should have kept quite about it and in away your man will feel good with that comment of him being a money bag even when he knows he's not(stroking his ego), then in a week or days after you can make a post of how independent you are financially blablabla without replying or tagging anyone! Just saying... Honey silent is golden and says a lot even when you ain't saying shit!

Adesuas voltron said...

You are an idiot , would just leave that for you here

Anonymous said...

Adesua, Abeg calm dowm! If I were you, I wouldn't reply people now. Allow the marriage reach 12 years before you start stating if he is good or not! He must have shown all his colours by then. Don't make mouth finish, then we will start to hear divorce on twitter and Linda ikeji

uniquechic said...

dia are richer low key ur next door neighbour kinda low profile men dat ppl dont know..so wots d luck in marrying banky..
dey r both celebrities making good money and are in luv period!!!
d gal is just beefing ..
I hope adesua is thick skinned cos d marriage hasnt started and d public is following dem like flies follow ****

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Fadeelah El Rufai said...

Who dem EPP self...... Even as 2 of dem be money bags lol if you beg em for 100k I swear dem go ignore you,,, even my best blogger Aunty linda......

Anonymous said...

Stupid fool,u say she has a flat bum...show us ur Gf,sisters and moms bums let's see...am sure is as flat as a tennis board!..ewu

AMARACHI (LindaIkeji's Daughter) said...

I smell pork


They are both blessed to have each other, and Banky is not even a billionia, I don't even expect susu to reply sef

Anonymous said...

The both of dem are d lucky ones Nd an happy for dem sincerely

Sunde said...

Indeed she bagged herself a money bag. Even though she gat money of her own.

Rinjis Rylopenes said...

And you say you're not beefing. 😂😂😂 I can smell the beef grilling from miles away.

Chinomso Chim said...

May God bless their union. I think Adesua is homely. www.mymarketstores.blogspot.com

Roman God said...

Preach it sis!

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9ja news said...

I don't see their marriage last longer...

Anonymous said...

Dont mind them Adesua. Its even Banky that got lucky

But that clapback shows how matured and deep you are sweetheart. I am proud of you.

I will ordinarily say "Dont answer" but this is epic. You respectfully answered without insulting the "cuckoo" lady and also showed a level of maturity that is skin deep. Most ladies that have no substance will be miffed and reply without real thought. Did I say Banky was lucky? Okay I did. lol

Enjoy your married life babe.


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