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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Hurray! Manval Solar Pump Celebrates 7 Years of Success in Nigeria

Manval Solar Technologies is proud to celebrate 7 years of “successful” provision of solar powered water pumps for domestic and industrial use into the Nigeria market and some other parts of West Africa.

Today we celebrate 7 years of providing efficient, environmentally friendly and maintenance free submersible, vertical and surface solar water pumps.

Our pumps have been deployed deep into river Benue to transfer water to surrounding communities for household water provision as well as for large scale irrigation to farmers and livestock. Our pumps have offered a renewed hope to the fish pond farmers in Benin, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja and many other areas in Nigeria and West Africa, that now have uninterrupted water supply to their ponds, without relying on near-to non-existent power from the grid. Our farmer clients in Epe, Ikorodu, Kaduna, Enugu, Igbariam and Kano are no longer bothered about energy to provide Water for farmland use and large scale irrigation.

The car wash operations using Manval solar pumps have been nothing but grateful since our inception. Our client water vendors in Festac, Nnewi, Wukari, Talata-Mafara and so many other parts of Lagos and Abuja know that our pumps have offered them durability and zero down time in water provision services. Small, medium to large residential estates all over the country have all been satisfied that Manval solar submersible pumps offer them maximum volumes of water at shallow, medium to very deep boreholes for use by their residents, restaurants, fast food eateries and hotels. The industrial complexes in Ikeja, Sango-ota have all had good stories to tell about its efficiency.

Manval Solar Technologies also has other renewable energy products and services in the broad areas of solar, wind, and biomass or biogas. Due to increasing infrastructural and economic challenges, it has become imperative for individuals, communities, and the country at large to source energy that is affordable, efficient, clean and most importantly renewable i.e. it gets replenished freely as you consume it.

We have added value to the average Nigerian in so many ways and more and more people rely on us to provide energy for their everyday use that would not drain their pockets and without the useful hassle associated with fossil fuel. From the road side hair barbing saloon, Betting homes, shops, small offices (mini power pack), to the road side powered vulcanizer who has dumped his petrol powered air pump to make use of our solar efficient air inflator pump, to the petrol stations we have helped to run fully on renewable energy.

Individual homes have benefited from our central solar powered water heaters that provision of solar powered inverters, Pump Inverters, DC Booster, Inverters, Inverter Batteries, Solar Lamps, Solar Torch Lights, Solar Charge Controllers, Car Jump Starter, Solar Air Compressor, Solar Air Conditioner, Solar Generators, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Fridge, Solar Freezer, Solar Lighting Kit, Solar Fan and Solar Street Lights. Yes, it’s been 7 years, to all our clients we say Thank you. And a very big welcome to the ones to come.

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