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Friday, 26 May 2017

How to Turn N25,000 into N1,000,000 in 30 days with Peer to Peer Donations...Guaranteed

This is a sponsored post...
Please wait! This is an Open Letter to every man, woman, wife, husband, boy or girl who has ever lost money to Peer to Peer donations platforms. Yes, I know that you have been hurt in all ramifications by various ponzi schemes.
But the fact is lots of people have made good money from ponzi schemes and lots of people also have lost money in them. Me too. In fact, my wife and I have lost a lot of money to various but.... see more after the cut...

But Bills must be PAID. This is why we launched the newly improved, legit and honest peer-to-peer scheme where you get 200% of your donation back between 5 minutes to 10 days called ONLY TWO Packages: And Yes, Its Officially the ONLY way left to make money from the 200% Growth on your Money Peer to Peer, LAUNCING on Monday May 29th at 10am sharp!

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See HOW we are DIFFERENT from other scam Peer to Peer Donations websites and WHY you can make DOUBLE of your money within 5 minutes to 10 days here:

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I know making cash with Peer to Peer donation platforms, especially the 200% growth on your money in 5 minutes to 10 days… looks like a lazy way of making money. But I do not completely agree because I have other businesses I do. But since you and I are not super rich yet, sometimes the need for extra quick cash is inevitable. So if you have an untimely bill, you want to raise funds for a project, pay school fees, complete that building project, raise money for your business or even just for enjoyment then you need some quick but legit cash
so I guess you just have to give it a trial because it has worked for me and others who follow the PONZI RULES.  Do you know them?

I call them “The Ponzi Success Formula - The Only Way To Be Happy On The Ponzi Lane”

Before you scream scam, Here's What You Are About To Discover...

1. SUPER Site Features

2. The Top 8 UGLY Problems why Peer to Peer Donations CRASH within 2 hrs to 5 days and how we have SOLVED them at here:

3. Step by Step Secret to Turn N25,000 into N1 million Naira in 30 days with MyPaidBills

4. The 3 Smart RULES on how to play Ponzi and actually WIN BIG. And much more…


# 200% Return On Investment
(Donate N25,000 or N50,000. GET PAID N50,000 or N100,000)

# Email verification
Kills Fake Accounts

# N2 Million Naira Advert Budget
Attracts 100,000+ Legit members

# Fast Admins response/online customer support
Kills Fake POPS and Slow Confirmation

# Superfast 3 Hrs Donation Timeline
Encourages Multiple PH/GH Per Day

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# Recycle Timeline Is Two (2) Hours
Helps system Last Long/90-days Minimum!

# Report Button
Kills FAKE POP and Cyber Beggers

# 24/7 SUPPORT with Online Chat
On-the-go/LIVE support for Quick Problem Resolutions

# Built on a Rock Solid Host and Designed. Handles millions of members. NO UPGRADING
# SSL security to protect you against password and account theft

The Top 8 UGLY Problems why Peer to Peer Donations CRASH within 2 hrs to 5 days and how we have SOLVED them at here:

1. Greedy Admins with Huge packages to Wreck the system.

SOLUTION: MyPaidBills is built from the scratch to automatically match the First 1000 Members registered on our website to be PAID FIRST even before admins. Greedy admins match almost everyone to themselves first. PRE-Register NOW Before Launch Date on Monday, May 29th at 10am sharp HERE:

Join us on Telegram here:

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2. Multiple and HUGE Donation Plans.

SOLUTION: MyPaidBills admins having being experienced in various platforms have seen members pay greedy admins HUGE amount like N300k to N500k and this makes smaller packages SLOW down. We decided on only TWO packages with NO New plans coming. Just N25,000 and N50,000 so the queue moves SUPER FAST on both of them.

3. Inadequate Support for Members and visitors.

SOLUTION: Support is everything. Right now, we have 20 support staff employed READY to solve any issues you might have from fake pop, to cyber beggers, to slow confirmation of accounts, to fake accounts etc. Our Online CHAT Support is also available. PRE-Register NOW Before Launch Date on Monday, May 29th at 10am sharp HERE:

4. Little or No REAL Publicity by Admins and Members

SOLUTION 1: Peer to Peer donations work Well on CROWD FUNDING. 99% of them rely solely on whatsapp/telegram promotion not investing good money on adverts. At, our Advert Budget is N2 million Naira to attract 100,000+ legit members. We are currently on youtube, facebook,,, yours truly and many other sites with hefty traffic.

SOLUTION 2: We have a target minimum lifetime of our platform as SIX months. Not 2hrs or 48hrs or 5 days. We are BOLD to tell you. Ponzis don’t last forever especially IF MEMBERS do NOT work with the platforms. This is why we would PAY You EXTRA money if you refer people to our platform. This is your community service to us even though optional.

The more people hear about us, the more donations you can receive and the LONGER your beloved platform LASTS up to SIX months minimum. Members would receive extra N650 for every member they refer. Refer 100 people who PAY their PH order and you get paid N65,000. Refer 50 people and you get paid N32,500. This is aside your normal PH and GH. Now to get your referral link, register here:

Remember, that is officially Opening their N25k and N50k plans for Merging on Monday, May 29th at 10am sharp. PRE-Register NOW Before Launch Date here:

Join us on Telegram here:

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5. Fake Proof of Payments. Aka FAKE POP

SOLUTION 1: Support here is SO vital. There are TWO types of fake pop. (a) Fake pop of someone dancing or something funny CLEARLY FAKE. This one a member just clicks on the REPORT TO ADMIN button and we block instantly and member is re-merged automatically. This should be *same day in 30 minutes*

(b) Fake pop that looks real. SOLUTION 2: This is 24hrs in solving. Member has to print statement showing previous day's date and todays new date. Why 24hrs? Lets be smart and wise here. Some people actually paid, but the network delayed sending the alert and so the teller/transfer could be REAL but you didn't get the money. To be FAIR to both donors and receivers, we have to wait for 24hrs with your statement. Now this should NOT stop your GH and PH. Why? You should have a minimum of TWO accounts. Thats the ONLY WAY you can hit the minimum N1million naira target for each member from this system.

6. Fake Accounts

Here wicked people create multiple accounts to crash the system. They ph big and either upload fake pop, or become a cyber-beggars or spread rumours of fake crash of the platform.

SOLUTION 1: Email verification reduces it to an extent.

SOLUTION 2:  Report it to us and once we confirm it's a fake account, we  treat it in 2 ways
(a) Block the person. The persons phone number, email and bank account information can NEVER be used on our system and blocking is FINAL.

(b) We must keep no 2 our SECRET & not share with the public. Else these bad guys MAY find a way around it.

7. Non Confirmation Of Payments

SOLUTION: You notify us of the problem using the “EXACT steps on our FAQ page via email” with your bank statement and we CONFIRM you and block erring members account. So you are automatically matched to be paid instantly based on the next available donor and that member MISSES out of new donations or incomplete donations.

Please see, copy and SAVE the solutions on our FAQ page here:

See our FAKE Pop DEDICATED Resolution Page here:

See friends, we KNOW what we are doing here. It took us 3 months to set up this project and we are bent on seeing ONLY SUCCESS for members and ourselves too.

8. Non-Recycling.

SOLUTION: Recycling donations is the lifeblood of all peer to peer donations. We have a target for ours to last a minimum of 6 months.  So recycling is a must. In fact want to kill a peer to peer? Then do hit and run. To help you and I. .. and make this platform one of the best 200% donations platforms:

1. We have to work together and AGREE to RECYCLE. That’s the only way for you to hit N1m profit minimum agree.

2. We set a 2 hrs recycling timeline. This will help massively. If after getting paid you don't recycle after 2hrs... you or the erring member’s account is automatically blocked. And its permanent.

3. We deactivated the referral Bonus feature of our website. Now you get paid an EXTRA N650 for everyone you refer to the platform who signs up with your referral links. Are you an Admin on various whatsapp groups? You have family or friends, or church/mosque members? You can make a LOT of money from this.

4. Weekly Testimonial CONTEST: N100,000 cash up for grabs for the highest number of Video Testimonies with pictures showing donation and receive help (PH and GH) payments from our members.

Each time you Get Help or Get Paid successfully via our platform, record a one-minute testimonial video of success payment also stating why you think MyPaidBills is legit and would last Six months minimum. The 3 persons with the highest number of success GH videos shate N100,000 every week. Contest starts on May 29th at 10am launch date.

TheAnd now, Here’s The Step by Step Secret to Turn N25,000 into N1 million Naira in 30 days with MyPaidBills

Day 1: Open account 1: Donate N25,000, Receive N50,000

Day 2: Donate N50,000, Receive N100,000. Keep N25,000
Open account 2: Donate N25,000 and N50,000 Receive N150,000

Day 3: Donate N150,000, Receive N300,000. Keep N75,000

Day 4: Donate N225,000, Receive N450,000. Keep N150,000

Day 5: Open account 3: Donate N300,000, Receive N600,000. Keep N250,000

*WOW! First N500,000 Made by YOU!*

Day 6: Rinse and Repeat until you make N1 Million

WARNING: If you don't recycle, the platform will crash and you WON'T make money. Later you will say its Admins. No! We are NOT greedy. Just do your part as we do ours.

PRE-Register NOW Before Launch Date on Monday, May 29th at 10am sharp HERE:

Join us on Telegram here:

Join us on Whatsapp here:

The 3 Smart RULES on how to play Ponzi and actually WIN BIG. And much more…

This is the Ponzi Success Formula - The Only Way To Be Happy In The Ponzi Lane.

1. Don's Bad-mouth the Peer to Peer platform you have donated your money in. It discourages new members and old members. Its not ghosts from the dead or angels from heaven that will donate back to you. It is MEMBERS so don’t it. Have an issue? Contact support; which is why we have a superfast contact system. Once a legit platform comes up, its members who keep it alive.

2. Once you cash out, don't put everything back into the scheme because it paid you the first 3 times. Members can also be greedy. This does NOT mean don’t recycle but be disciplined not to borrow and put EVERYTHING you have into the site. You will be tempted but do it with sense using our N25k to N1m Strategy.

3. Lastly, each time you cash out, ACQUIRE an Asset with money from your Ponzi Investments!
Yes, this is the most important thing I learned about ponzi schemes. The assets you acquire when you are still earning from Ponzi schemes will keep you happy and going even when things end.

Wow! Such a long epistle but its worth.

See you on the other side of GH.


P.S: Everyone has BILLS... DAILY BILLS like food, transportation, recharge cards. WEEKLY BILLS like fuel, hair etc. MONTHLY BILLS like Internet data, cable/satellite service etc.

ANNUAL BILLS like rent, school fees, PHCN etc. And the bills come week after week, month after month, year after year, hence the need for something EXTRA to take care of such bills WITHOUT touching your salary or business so that they can be used for expansion and other projects. That is WHY MyPaidBills was formed.

PRE-Register NOW Before Launch Date on Monday, May 29th at 10am sharp HERE:

Join us on Telegram here:

Join us on Whatsapp here:


Anonymous said...

Chai these thieves are here again. Linda why?

Anonymous said...

new ponzi scheme hope these stay forlong

okholo said...

hope these ponzi scheme stay for long

Highness Gwen said...

Thieves...doom awaits u all

Anonymous said...

Una don come again abi???

Anonymous said...

it look real..may God help us...thinking about it.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

See sweet mouth

... Merited happiness

Anonymous said...

i dodge am in Jesus name

Anonymous said...

SCAM! SCAM!! SCAM ALERT, guys be wise even Linda said this is a sponsored post cos she doesn't want to be hold responsible for this scam advert.

Eugenia Ekeji said...

They have come again in different form.

Braveheart said...

Rubbish. Una don carry come again. With Una fake ponzi scheme.

Braveheart said...

Rubbish. Una don carry come again. With Una fake ponzi scheme.

9ja Parrot said...

Yet another ponzi?!!!

Olami7 said...

And some fools will still fall for dis... MAY GOD SAVE YOUR SOULS.

Balami Ella said...

Its only a fool that will fall to this again.

Hotflames said...

U just told us how u intend to make the moni for yaself. Ngwanu clap for yaself

Austine Ebube said...

No one should patronise them. They r fake. The only ponzi site with 60% guarantee is mmm. Beside the admin was rude when i tried asking him/her few questions

east west said...

Criminals on the loose again this time we will make sure u all don't see the light of day

Anonymous said...

Linda sef... U no dey taya...

Anonymous said...

D greedy aspect of their post is dat they dn't need small money like N5,000 or even N1,000 to start their scam wth.That way,we can give it a little trial.Who is ready to give them 25K in dis period dat our president is sick alongside wth our sick economy. Infact,dis must be set of yahoo yahoo boys frm presidency

Irikefeh Abigail said...

U hv come again aunty Linda has come only God will take control...hands up

Gongo Aso said...

Hello Linda av u made proper research on this site well enough? Cos I don't beleive Ur stories all this while ever since uve been posting stories buh I don't know y I beleive u so much on this buh if u kno n didn't tell us I will sure make ma dad swear 4 u cos he's herbalist n if u fink it's a lie try me...... U can reply me if u wanna talk

Anonymous said...

There are few points I want to make here about ponzi, yes so many ponzi has came and make people lost dere cash, due to fake sites, greed admins or no members to PH for those that are due for GH,
1) there are members who still gain in that same ponzi others Cry's for, not evry1 will gain or loss.
2) some ponzi crash cos of panic of wrong members who always giv wrong comments at the wrong place or right comments at the wrong time, for Eg if a site says PH n GH within 10days some people create panic of nt GH wen is even not up to 6days and other will fear cos of that comments, how will u get paid den? Site don't pay people, is people who pays people,
We still have payin sites DAT has stayed for long but people still calls dem fake, for Eg MMM, Get help word wide (GHWX), community mutual aid (CMA) and next in line mypaidbills,etc this sites have good features and qualities admins,, dere r ppl who don't bliv in dem BT ppl r making from dem..
Things that kills ponzi are
Not recycling
Fake accounts
Fake admins
Am not an admin, I don't have a site BT jus say wat I knw
Try MMM it still pays 30% of ur ph,even 10% of ur 2016 mavro due to ur pH in addition for old members in a month
Try CMA, it is good n pays 40% in a month
GHWX also pays within a month
Mypaidbills within 10days but starting next week Tuesday instead of Monday because of the public holiday.
This sites am sure of for now so put it fears aways

Anonymous said...

Not all site is a scam site, if mypaidbills is a scam site dey will not spend so much on advert bfor starting up.. Go to punch news paper, SMS, Facebook, lindaikejis page/site, watsapp naijaloaded, etc... So why spending much? Dey r here to bring back lost glory of ponzi, jus two packages 25k and 50k not too many packages that will slow some .

Anonymous said...

This how message long like Next Of Kin Format! And the Bros self still do follow up for "Comments" WehDonSir! We dey hail you from warri!

Richard Umeadi said...

Hahahaha!!!!i agree with you

Cyril Olowu said...

Mypaidbill is real what some people don't knw is that ponzi is all about the members and not the site, the site is just a tool

Asokere Daniel said...

But now the system has crashed again after all the paparazzi. Mtcheeeeewww. Thank God I did not invest my money

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