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Thursday, 4 May 2017

How Nigerian pastor Omotoso allegedly had teenage girls rub Vaseline on their thighs while telling them to recite Psalm 51

The manner in which Nigerian pastor Tim Omotoso lured teenage girls into sexual relations with him was laid out at the Port Elizabeth Magistrate's Court on Wednesday, May 3. Tensions were high at the Court in the morning ahead of the appearance of the controversial pastor who is facing charges of sexual assault and human trafficking.
While groups sang struggle songs outside the building‚ inside a large contingent of people filled the corridor outside the courtroom where the pastor is to appear for his formal bail application.

The 58-year-old pastor with churches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, among others accused of molesting female congregants of his church including over 30 teenage girls. He was arrested at the Port Elizabeth International Airport on Thursday, April 20.

Descriptions of how he would allegedly have the girls rub Vaseline on their thighs while telling them to recite Psalm 51 – a psalm that deals with sin and being cleansed – were read out in court.

Reading from a statement by investigating officer detective warrant officer Peter Plaatjies of the Hawks‚ state prosecutor advocate Nceba Ntelwa told the court that the pastor would then tell the girls that If they spoke about the encounters they would be cursed and would die.

National Hawks spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Robert Netshiunda confirmed that the pastor was facing 22 charges related to contravening the sexual offences act stemming from sexual assault to human trafficking with possible additional charges to be added at a later stage.

It was the defence’s submission that the pastor denied any wrongdoing and intended to stand trial to prove his innocence.

Ntelwa said the state would oppose bail because he was a flight risk‚ had no permanent residential address and would intimidate and interfere with state witnesses.
“He has the propensity to commit the same crimes‚” Ntelwa embers of the media and general public inside the court were instructed by members of the police's Tactical Response Team to switch off all cellphones and recording devices during court proceedings or “face the consequences”.
One member of the TRT told the gallery that he would personally remove anyone whose cellphone lights up during proceedings.

The pastor is due back in court today.

Source: TimeLive/Herald Live


Oghenetega said...

Shameless pervert posing as a Pastor..
Gid din catch am at last last.
Ole Oloju kokoro.

Esther Norah said...

When God has given u the gift and power bub u decided to fall short of the glory of God. If he is found guilty, t needful sh be done buh if he is not, needful shod also b done. The devil is serious roaring and seeking for whom to devour. Period

livingstone chibuike said...

stupid man

Anonymous said...

South Africans at it again. This tim omotoso has a wife they stay toether and go everywhere in SA together.he's a fire to them, guess he stepped on toes because there's been nobody's court testimony against him yet. Why don't you guys wanna grant him bail? He has seen and has happened severally in SA.have been to his church even though i was scared on how respectful they were to him. I don't think we are that respectful to Paris in Nigeria bcos we are changing or perspective. To them he's very close to Jesus in all ramification. They want him or now, he should just leave their land. SA is crazy, i can't take their for daily living.

Anonymous said...

S.A. and Nigeria will collide soon.

Anonymous said...

Nigerian government needs to investigate our churches and free women that have been placed in bondage and abused continually.

Unknown said...

some issues are very deceitful,who knows this could be a false allegation

Anonymous said...

Am stil shocked but pray the truth finds its way out somehow.

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