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Friday, 19 May 2017

How I lost over 18kg of fat, after 3 kids and suffering years of mockery, trial and error using this NAFDAC approved fatloss therapy – Nigerian Mum confesses!

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Two Years ago my mum died of cancer of the breast, and it came as a shock to everyone. Our family doctor who managed her told me in privacy that her cancer was as a result of being overweight, and advised me to quickly help myself.
Research has been able to only link Obesity to breast Cancer because cancer cells easily grow alongside fat cells.

And the rate of breast cancer in Nigeria has increased drastically over the years as we here cases of cancer death almost weekly.

My Mum was truly overweight and it’s in the gene of which I also took from her. She was weighing over 135kg and I was weighing about 105kg as at then.

It wasn’t the best times of my life!

Being overweight deprived me of a lot of things in the past.

I found it difficult to find a partner as I was looking much older than my actual age and most Men don’t want someone that will be looking bigger than them after childbirth

My favorite dresses couldn’t fit again and I had belly fat sticking out anytime I attempted to put on a fitted gown. This made me severally avoid public gatherings, taking picture and making friends.

My Colleagues at work which I worked as a Department head were always mocking my big size with names like, Mama the Mama, fatty bombom, Madam etc.

Yet I was just 28 years old!

What about my health?
I could hardly climb my office stairs without breathing hard, if I trek small I will be panting for air, I couldn’t run, I was fat and UGLY!

Like I said, my Doctor advised me to watch my weight or stand the risk of HBP, Cancer and heart attack. I can’t count the number of times my mother had high blood pressure attack and funny enough no one suspected it to be as result of her size.

Being overweight is not a sign of wealth or Big man and you should make weightloss your priority if you must live free of Cancer, type 2 diabetes, High blood pressure, Heart Attack etc.
Apart from the fact that you will look more attractive, beautiful and fit when you start losing weight, the health benefit is also of great importance as being overweight is UNHEALTHY!

But It’s not like I didn’t try to lose weight in the past, Infact I lost hope and stopped trying after I wasted so much money, time and energy on useless products, teas, diets, supplements, slim patches slim belt and even bitter concoctions.

Every month I will try one tea or the other, one diet plan or the order but yet, the fat won’t just move. I got tired depressed and lost my self-esteem completely.

People were wondering why my face was scarce but no one knew it was as a result of my overweight issue. I couldn’t rock my bikini for swimming as I will just look very funny, I was not wearing flowing gowns regularly to hide my protruded belly.

My Miracle Solution and encounter with burn in 30 Combined Therapy.

Early this year, my long awaited prayer was finally answered by GOD.

Somebody in my church introduced me to the BURNIN30 Combined fatloss therapy and even though I doubted the possibility of it work because of my past failures with several products, one part of my mind encouraged me to try the Combined fatloss therapy and I bless the day I took the decision.

My Colleagues at work laughed at me when I got my pack delivered but three weeks after, they were all asking me how I did it!

My First Week on the BURNIN30 Therapy shocked the living spirit in me, by just drinking a Special Alkaline Detox drink, and eating Healthy Nigerian foods such as Okro soup, Ewedu, Ofada rice with Chicken wing pepper soup etc, I managed to drop 5kg in the first week.

I was amazed!

I was convinced that this is the right approach to lose weight for me.

I felt lighter, was able to manage my appetite and my metabolism had raised in a short 7 days and I was shocked.

My Husband was the first person to notice that I had started losing weight and this gave me so much joy and encouragement.

My post pregnancy belly fat that made me look like a pregnant woman all the time had started disappearing.

The Second and third week is where most of the magic happened, I was combining a Special BURN Slim Herbal Supplement with same delicious Nigerian delicacies and with all sincerity, my bad mouth colleague at office Ronke was forced to comment.

She told me, “Kemmy, you are looking trimmer oo, how are you doing it? I like the way you look now and you cloths are now more fitting?

Believe me I was walking in the office with shoulders high and getting uncountable compliments and admiration.

To cut this story short, by the end of the second week of using the BURNIN30 Combined fatloss therapy I had already dropped 8 SOLID Kg and finally dropped 18kg by the end of the one month!

This is the best weightlosss solution I have tried and I am thankful to GOD for making it possible for me to come across it.

I am on my second pack now as my Target is to drop a total of 30kg of UGLY, Unwanted fat before it dropped me.

I have no Atom of regret for trying the BURNIN30 Therapy and I will encourage you to give this genuine weightloss solution a try and thank me later.

This is an amazing testimony from a recent user of the BURNIN30 Combined fatloss Therapy.

This is one highly researched and confirmed solution approved by NAFDAC to help you drop from 8-21 Kg of fat without starving, breaking the bank or engaging in stressful and expensive gym.

We have helped over 380 Nigerian Men and Women till Date and we can proudly show you the Testimonies below. 

So this Therapy is for you if:

·         You are currently tired of spending your hard earned savings on slim teas and fake supplements who give you empty promises on weightloss and no result to show for

 •    You just recently gave birth to a wonderful baby boy or girl but still struggling to drop your post pregnancy belly fat or “baby fat”. This is surely for you!
·         Your friends and colleagues mock you or describe you as “That fat Lady” in the office.
·         You find it difficult to climb the office stairs or work a few distance by rod.
·         Your sex life has dropped or literally died because you get tired easily and you stand the risk of losing your husband to slim fit girls out there
·         You want your spouse/boyfriend to complement you saying. “Honey, you look amazing and sexy, how did you do it??
·         You find it difficult to buy fitting cloths or all your favourite gowns, slim fitted jeans and tops no longer fit you and are just hanging in the wardrobe.
·         If you want to avoid standing a risk of Cancer, type 2 Diabetes, High blood pressure, Heart attack amongst other.

Dear friend, don’t wait till the situation gets to the state where you find it very hard to drop it!

If you feel that you are currently not in that healthy size and the folds in your stomach are increasing or you don’t find yourself attractive when you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror then I need you to get a Kit of the BURNIN30 combined fatloss Therapy and start your weightloss journey today.

This Carefully designed Therapy by over 15 Health experts in Nigeria and abroad uses a scientifically approved approach to force fat cells to break away from each other and get flushed out of the system easily through DETOX, Healthy eating and with a Special Herbal Fatloss Supplement which has no side effect whatsoever.

Look at What this BURNIN30 Kit Looks like.

What to Expect?
With the BurnIN30 Therapy you can expect the following result in 30 Days or we refund your money;

·         You will drop from 8-21Kg of Fat depending on how your body responds to the therapy. This one is SURE BANKER
·         Your Belly size will drop drastically and your old dresses will now fit perfectly well.
·         You will feel an increased productivity and boost in activity level.
·         The Special Supplement will give you a 200% boost in metabolism and proper digestion.
·         Your body will be detoxed of Toxins and excess sugar which reduces your risk of Type 2 diabetes, HBP, gall stones, cancer etc.
·         Your Sex life will improve and you will have your husband admiring your new shape.
·         You will look sweet 16 and get countless praises, admirations and a boost in self-esteem.
·         You will have no Regrets whatsoever for taking the Bold step today!

How to Order for your Own BURNIN30 Kit
We are currently running a promo on this therapy so more people can afford it and we keep getting lovely testimonies like those above.
Therefore this therapy goes for just N26,000 for one month Therapy plus a bonus 30 Days Meal plan and FREE 30 Days coaching and Support.
And it’s for just 5 Days after which the price returns to the Original N33,000

Simply send us a text message with the following details.

"Your Full Name”
"Preferred Address of Delivery (Your home or Office)”
"Phone Numbers (If you have more than one better)”
"Email Address

Send this as a text message or Whatsapp Message to 08126594436
Please ensure that you describe your address properly so that our courier can reach you easily.

We will deliver your Kit to you anywhere in Nigeria within 1-7 Days!

Delivery is 100% FREE so you pay just N26,000

How to Pay
Don’t worry if you don’t trust us yet plus the level of scam in Nigeria, we offer pay on Delivery anywhere in Nigeria so all you have to do I Place your order now and our Delivery team will bring your Kit while you pay N26,000 at that point and get your kit after examining it.


I also want to tell you that in Order to help Nigerian Men and Women to finally drop unwanted belly, arm, thigh and body fat, I am organizing a free fatloss coaching program for buyers of the BURNIN30 kit as well as regular checkup and support on Whatsapp and phone.

But if you will love to be hearing from us frequently, get tips, free meal plan strategies and secrets, please Join our FREE Newsletter Exclusive to LINDAIKEJI readers.
Click here to start getting free weightloss tips and secrets instantlyรจ 

TESTIMONY 1: I am very impressed, I have lost 10kg already and I am just 3 week gone, Thank you for not disappointing me. I will surely spread the word.
Chiamaka- Enugu

TESTIMONY 2: I just want to tell you that I am finally seeing results from the Supplement. I don’t eat anyhow again and don’t feel bloated in the morning as I used to. My husband is happy I didn’t waste his money for nothing.
Jemima- Auchi

TESTIMONY 3: 14KG Gone, 3 Dress Size dropped! How more can I be tgrateful to you guys for this amazing product, 3 Of my friends want it and I hope you will still give me at a discount. Thank you.
Tessy, PH
TESTIMONY 4: I am finally fat free after years of trying and trying and trying. I have been able to control my craving and late night binging due to the secret you exposed in the Manual. May God bless you guys abundantly.
Margaret, Lagos Nigeria

F.A.Qs: Frequently Asked Questions.

Whats in the BURNIN30 Kit.
The Burn in 30 Kit comes with a Pack of Alkaline Drink (Super detoxifier), A Pack of the 100% Herbal Burn Slim Supplement, An Instruction Manual with 8 weeks Meal Plan(100% Nigerian foods) and a Workout DVD (At home workouts routines, no equipment)

How Does it work?
BURNIN30 is a combined weightloss therapy that ensures you will lose as much as 3-5kg in the first week just through Detox, with the help of our Special Alkaline Drink, then go ahead and drop as much as 1-2 Dresss sizes at the end of the second week through healthy eating and following our well designed meal plan, not to mention our Highly effective Fat breaker and Metabolism boosting Burn Slim Herbal Supplement.
So you are combining Detox, A Healthy eating plan, At home Workout DVD, and the Burn Slim Supplement to get massive weightloss results.

Any side effects?
There is no recorded side effect with the Use of this therapy as all constituents and Procedures are 100% Natural and Healthy approaches to weightloss. Designed by professional Nutritionist and experts, we advise pregnant women to only follow the healthy Meal plan.

How much weight can I lose
Although weightloss comes differently for people, if you follow the instructions atleast 70% of the time, you can drop from 8-21kg in the first 30 days and keep it the fat from coming back. We have people that have lost over 2-4 Dress sizes and more with this Therapy.


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