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Monday, 22 May 2017

Heartbreaking: Young Kenyan woman commits suicide after failed attempts to find justice for her 3-year-old daughter who was raped by ex-boyfriend

Brenda Akinyi Waru committed suicide after she was bullied online as she tried to find justice for her three-year-old daughter who was allegedly defiled by her ex boyfriend.

According to Facebook user Syombua Kibue, who shared the story online, the 29-year-old had reported the case at a police station and had slept with a police officer who requested for sex in exchange for help.

She was later disappointed by the police man who didn't continue with the case but instead, left her hanging.

Not giving up, she turned to a popular Kenyan Facebook page for help, but instead of receiving the assistance she was looking for, she was bullied and taunted by some members of the group who found her story sketchy

On Saturday, May 13, Brenda threw herself at an oncoming vehicle along Waiyaki highway near Kabete Police Station and died from the impact. 

Read Syombua's story below...
"This lady was going through a lot before she took her life,. Her child was molested by someone she knows, she went to the police to get help but unfortunately the police officer requested sexual favors in order to help , in her desperation she gave in but he turned around and left her hanging, on to of all that, she was battling with depression. She went to a popular group online seeking help but her story was too sketchy so people started asking questions. She may have passed on but her child still needs help and justice. A child molester is still walking free"


Nnenne George said...

Why kill herself.. she for shoot the god dammed man's brain.. and go to jail if it warrant that.. all die na die. So what has she achieved now by killing herself. Am so pained. Had it been it was me, what i would have done would have been unspeakable!!!

Max Ayuba said...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry dear, a sweet soul in the jungle Africa. RIP

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Oh dear!

... Merited happiness

Anonymous said...

The lady tried to fraud money from people with the help of one of the groups admin..n when everything came to light we bashed her like we always do..im kenyan n a member of the group.you can imagine the daughter was never raped..twas all fraudulent story..thats the real truth.she took her life out of guilt conscience.

Paul Matthew said...

Very sad.rip sister and God will fight for u

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Oghenetega said...

This is very very Sad to think the Useless Police Man have 2 go to that extent..
Well,Let her Blood fight for all those who has a Hand in this injustice.
Sick ppl everywhere.

Alloy Chikezie said...

May her soul rest in peace.

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igbe marcus said...

May her soul rest in peace but this not a good way of going to eternity

Ushie Blessing said...


okechukwu nnoduechi said...



Anonymous said...

Now that she killed herself, how will she protect the child? Suicide is never the answer. God will keep and protect that child. Amen. Such a pity! Whoever that man is, God won't let you go unpunished.

Morgan said...

seriously, what is going on in the world. people are now taking the easy way out. if she had gone to injure

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the man that raped her child, that is better than killing herself.

love world said...

In this life we need to ignore peoples comments and live. People have become so bad and heartless that they are so quick to judge you without understanding where you are coming. As an individual you need to hold on to Jesus totally and move forward ignoring the world. It is unfortunate, I feel sorry for the child. For people if you know you can't stand the shame or the pressures from people start afresh relocate change your friends and move forward. Rip.

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