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Monday, 29 May 2017

Graphic: Motorcycle operator murders his university lover then hangs himself in Kenya

A 23-year-old motorcycle operator popularly known as boda boda in Kenya strangled his University lover and later hanged himself leaving behind a suicide note in the lady’s room in  Kisii town.
The young man has been identified as Samson Obwocha, a resident of Nyamage Village less than 100 meters from Kisii University. 

The lady, Vena Swanya was until her death, a second year student pursing Bachelor of Science in Education specializing in Math and Chemistry in the university. 

The lady’s body was found neatly covered in her bed in one of the private hostels outside the University’s compound. Obwocha committed suicide using a bed sheet and his body was found hanging from the roof.

To avoid raising alarm among the neighbors, the murderer put loud music in the room which played throughout the night attracting curiosity from Vennah’s friend in the early hours of Friday morning, May 26th. 

The assailant home is a few meters from the scene of crime. His father Mr Onchenge Maraga says that his son left home on Thursday evening but by Friday morning his phone was not going through.
“I crossed over to the hostels to confirm the deaths only to be welcomed to the room by the body of my son hanging in the room. I have no idea of any relationship that existed between the two,” says Mr Maraga.

He said that his son was due to join University in September this year after completing his Secondary Education last year.

However, in the suicide note the killer left in the house indicates that the two have had a sour love affair. “Mum, dad, brothers and sisters, I killed her and myself because I loved her with all my heart but she just made me do it. Am sorry. Bye Bye. Mumu I love you,” read the suicide note.
According to the killer’s friends, Obwocha has been visiting the girl in her room but could have been angered by the lady after his sexual advances.

The University’s Deputy Students Dean Brother Francis Kerongo says that they will rely on police findings to authoritatively comment on the incident.

“We try our best to offer counselling to students on relationships and academic affairs but it is the responsibility of the learners to seek these services,” says Brother Kerongo.
He says that the University had employed enough security officers who patrol the entire compound including the private hostels but added that it was the responsibility of every student to ensure that they stay safe.


“Kenyan Public Universities are facing a shortage of hostels but through partnerships we have been able to identify private hostels where our students seek accommodation,” he said.
The University’s Students Union Secretary, Don Alex has joined other students in condoling the deceased.
“It is unfortunate that a University student can be killed in such a manner. We have a well-established Counselling department where we can report such issues and get help. It doesn’t resonate well that a University student was killed by a boda boda operator,” said Alex.

OCPD Kisii Central Francis Nguli, who confirmed the incident said police have launched investigations to determine circumstances that led to the death of the two.

"We have still not determined the motive behind the young man's actions but it is clear that he strangled her before hanging himself from a rafter" said Mr Nguli.

The two bodies have been taken to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital Hospital morgue.

Source: Standard Media Kenya/Kisii University


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Na wa o

... Merited happiness

daniel ubong said...

Too bad.

David Sule said...

The only sin this lady committed was showing love to a lower class. She has forgotten about the venom of inferiority complex associated with such class

Emeka Izuogu said...

That's very sad

Stanley Ejiogu said...

Sorry I don't believe this.... The position of the crime scene tell is all... This guys where murdered. The guys position of hanging is been placed wrongly air can pass his wind pipe so someone made them to write that and killed them.

livingstone chibuike said...

feeling pathetic for d lady's family

Vivian Reginalds said...

he shd clap for himsef
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

@David Sule, you are very correct in your comment. Am in same situation in my marriage. I married below my class, I have a Masters degree and a good paying job and married to a non graduate with meagre pay. Every day is a struggle due to my husband's inferiority complex. My brother, you are so correct.

Anonymous said...

Romeo and Juliet

Brenda said...

Sad. Handsome guy , Fine their youth .....why?

and to think that in the background of one of the pics theres a book on Gods Promises.

Anonymous said...

@ananimous please encourage your husband to enroll for further education in order to at least have a degree oherwise he'll always display complex and it's not good for you.

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