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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Graphic: 24-year-old man allegedly beheads his own brother

Debiso Police arrested 24-year-old Abdul Aziz this morning, at Yaro Camp in Bia West district of Western region, Ghana , for the alleged murder of his brother, Abdul Rawuf.

More details later. See the very graphic photos after the cut.

Source: Nana


Anonymous said...

Na wa!!! Linda it seems your readers just comment most times without reading. I'm referring to ronaldo's post when you said first man and also sport man followed by bieber and neymar(sport) respectively but look at their comments, they are even 'bashing' you saying it's Selena Gomez etc pls are those men?

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Aye le o!

... Merited happiness

sly john said...


ilovejesus said...

But why!!!!!!!!

uniquechic said...

ds doesnt look like a human head plss
gosh evil looking

Taiwo Esther said...

Third one I'm reading from Ghana within few weeks

Internet News Freak said...

Na Nwa meziri Gini?

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