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Monday, 22 May 2017

Get ready for a Professional Job in 3 months

CIAPS Fast-track professional programmes for graduates. Do you want to be ready for a professional job in 3 months? Are you a graduate? Then you can train for a career in

*      Media & Journalism
*      Banking & Finance
*      School Management
*      Project Management
*      Events Management

Work while you Study . Meet Industry Expert .International Curriculum
CIAPS Fast-track Professional Programme starts in 30 June 2017
Study Full time or Part time. You can also do some programmes online.

Apply online by visiting
Call 013428624 
You do not need to apply if you have applied in the past; just send an email asking for your application to be retrieved.


Elephas said...

Nice one.
This is good info!

Anonymous said...

This makes a lot of sense

Jide said...

its really gud to study a professional course,it makes your Cv look better. Abi where person go get 10 professional certificates at 23 years. This is the way forward

Mary said...

This is really a good one for the unskilled graduates out there.
I will see if I can combine part-time course with my work.

Rotimi said...

I totally agree. A degree is not enough these days anymore Professional qualification is the way forward.

funky faj said...

Am Definitely on for this -- Excellent program to look forward to am getting on board

Ursey Ursey said...

If only I have such money I would love to go for event planning and finance. Hmmm

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