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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Get #500 free airtime when you subscribe for DSTV / GOTV the AI powered payment channel that lets you do inter-bank transfers for free, is on another promo roll. This time, it’s free airtime. Every time you pay for your DSTV/GOTV on the platform, you get 500 naira free airtime!

Apart from the #500 airtime, is known for its simplicity of paying bills.

Some of the advantages of paying your DSTV/GOTV bills with Kudi are:

1.       You only add your debit card once. That saves you the trouble of always adding card numbers and CVV every time you need to pay.
2.        You add your smart card number or ICU number once, so that next time you are paying, Kudi remembers.
3.       It’s super-fast. Your decoder gets activated as soon as you see your Kudi receipt.
4.       You get reminders. Kudi will send you reminder messages three days before your subscription expires. That way you never miss a show!
5.       No rigid way to pay. You could say something like: “pay my dstv bill” and Kudi knows exactly what you mean.

“Pay my dstv bill” – with kudi all you do is chat.

Go now to to get started on this great offer. Pay your DSTV and GOTV bills and get 500 airtime flat!


james said...

Thanks for this gist

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

Anonymous said...

What happened to gotv and dstv site or suscribing through my banking app , what will I be doing on their site? Hmmmm to me,dtz not a great business idea.

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