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Friday, 5 May 2017

FRSC to dismiss female officers if caught violating dress code

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has vowed to dismiss or demote female officers if caught violating the commission's dress code. This comes a month after Rivers State Sector Commander, Andrew A Kumapayi, and other senior officers were recalled after the commander was seen at a parade cutting off the hair extension of two female corps for not abiding by the dress code rules.

Speaking on Wednesday in Abuja on the update of the case of the officers whose hair extension were cut off, FRSC Corps Marshall, Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi told The Guardian that strict measures will now be applied if anyone is being caught violating commission's dress codes.

According to him, anyone found contravening the rule would be dismissed or demoted.
'If I catch any officer again dressing improperly against our dressing codes, we would de-rank her or make her face stiffer sanctions like dismissal,' he stated.
Prodding further, Oyeyemi said the commission will no longer tolerate the violation of its dress codes.
'As long as I am privileged to be the Corps Marshall, I will also not condone indiscipline or indecent dressing. It is absolute nonsense and irrational behavior for any officer to dress as if they are going to a fashion parade, for your braided hairs to be touching your waste and coming to work in a uniform organisation like this. Nobody will close his eyes to such, so all must be warned.'


Anonymous said...

I knew it would come to this. Honestly, if a particular way of dressing is required in an organization or establishment, it needs to be adhered to. Una don ever see police or army de fly hair, make Una talk true.

livingstone chibuike said...

dats cool if only dey will stick to it

Anonymous said...

True talk. They should maintain ethnic in the profession or live the job. Emulate female soldiers.

Hrm paul said...

Oga shut up no b wetin we ask u wat did u do to d foolish commmander.

Vivian Reginalds said...

abeg next?
every time they'd be harassing women here and there... mtchew!

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Zane said...

what of the officer that cut off a woman's braid, i hope that he gets fired.
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Anonymous said...

GREAT!discipline must return to the forces. If you cannot abide by the ethics of the profession, you are most welcome to resign. Millions are waiting to take your place.

Anonymous said...

Improper dressing does not warrant dismissal, just calm down

Anonymous said...

If u go against ur company's ethics, u must be sanctioned so they should abide by their ethics or resign bc nobody forced them to join

Anonymous said...

Parochial and misogynistic organization!!!! This is a disgrace to a federal and public institution. Why do men obsess over women's looks and their hair in this organization? What about male dressing ? Shame on the oversight committee that should look into workplace violence in a federal institution. This is a typical example of sexual harassment and unfortunately a large part of the Nigerian public stands ignorant to it!

Just to let everyone know that I am a man and I think the males in leadership of this organization are really acting stupidly!!

Olatunji Ayoade said...

Thank you for your comments. It is good you have the time to contribute your quota to the development of our great Nation. I however will like to give an opinion about uniformed jobs Essentially the reason for wearing uniform is for uniformity. Part of this is the types of hair that is allowed in uniform. In addition these agencies have what is called Uniform regulation that is an agreed law for them. Basically anyone who isn't ready to adhere to this rules have no basis in this organizations.

Anonymous said...

Please help me tell that anonymous human being spilling trash.if u can't adhere to simple rules, quit!

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