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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Discover your true full potential. Live the life you were created to live

Are you Afraid, Lost, stressed, confused, In need of guidance and direction? Does life seem to be giving you the opposite of what you want and need? Do you have a deep inner passion but don't know how to get it out?
As a success motivator and life coach, i help people make major life changes and overcome various life challenges. I help people discover specifically what they would like to achieve, identify the obstacles holding them back and break down the steps needed to be taken to move forward and accomplish their goals. I also help my clients build a balanced and well structured mental and emotional state of being which leads to them becoming successful in all their endeavours.

My Services:

Goal Setting and accomplishment
Personal Growth
Behaviour Modification
Self-Discovery & Empowerment
Right Thinking and Believing
Overcoming Stress, Fear & Self-doubt
Healing and Miracles from within
Success Motivation

Augustine Omoifo
Success Motivator/Life Coach (CHLC)

Phone Number: 07060813052
Address: The Purple Lifestyle Building. 11 Omorinre Johnson Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.


Inibokun said...

Very proud of this awesome man!

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Especially with the times we have now. Very tough but filled with so much opportunities

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

livingstone chibuike said...


Anonymous said...

Great concept,truly needed at this time with the high rate of suicide.

Ekaete said...

Nice one. Especially with the times we have now. Very tough but filled with so much opportunities
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Prince Phil said...

Great job man. Great service to the human race.


IamMrFestus said...

My wife and I have serious issues in our marriage. I love her so much, but i am considering divorce as the best option for us to live long and take care of our kids from our different locations. My wife thinks doing her bidding is discussion. She doesn't listen to me and wants me to always listen to her, when i refuse it makes her sad and unhappy. She could talk for 3 hours and talking rubbish i don't have time for. Imagine your wife discussing someone who ran away with her children to the U.S and leaving her husband stranded here in Nigeria, bla bla etc. Discussing this when i have debt of over 12m I am drawing plans on how to settle. I told her to go study the difference between talking and discussing, this angered her and she slapped me in the presence of our 4 years old son. Her nagging and unhappiness makes me feel that I am not good for her. Maybe she will find someone who is her match, who will make her happy. She is very pretty and loving. But i can't stand someone who is always crying and complaining that i make her unhappy. Sometimes i am afraid to go home. I don't drink, but I have started to force myself to drink in joint to waste time. Maybe i have attitude problem, but sorry i hate to listen to unintelligent discussions or gossip. Can you help me.

Nancy Hardené said...

Hello Mr can reach out on bless you.

Henduby said...

Smiles. Mr Felix, I don't think you have a problem if it's just this and similar things U experience. You should understand that most women are not ambitious and the few who are, rarely have time for such discussion. I feel that U are also trying to make her feel the heat of the problem U are having and I think it's not right. Maybe, U should ask urself this question; If u're financially stable, would U make such statement about her? Maybe U just need to talk to her, explain how ur situation makes U feel n if she is reasonable enough, she would understand and again, don't allow ur financial prob to make U feel burdened all the time. Pray about it and ask of wisdom from above, Laugh it off and gossip with her atimes cos it's inevitable. It's not usually easy but closeness to God from experience brings an inner peace during the time of trouble and makes U not to act irrational

Augustine Omoifo (Success Motivator) said...

Goodmorning Mr Festus, you can reach me on 07060813052 or send an email to

Anonymous said...

This is great! Self doubt is a major obstacle in living a fulfilling life. Thanks Augustine Omoifo for what you are doing for people..

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