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Friday, 12 May 2017

Calorad - The revolutionary weight loss supplement

So you have heard so many times about all that is causing you to increase weight. The list from genetics to lifestyle is endless and can really be overwhelming. But does it mean it's a hopeless situation for you? Nope far from it ooo. There is always a solution. Allow me to introduce you to Calorad.

It is a collagen rich formulation which was introduced in the world over 30 years ago with amazing weight loss benefits. It was the first formula worldwide to introduce the concept of weight loss whilst you sleep which is also your body's natural way of losing weight. It is tried and tested with a proven record of safety and one of the few in the world to prove you can take a weight loss product without any side effects. All its constituents are natural and you take it only ONCE at bedtime.

Don't be deceived by what your friends and others say. Calorad is the secret behind the weight loss of most men and women you know including your friends, celebrities, work colleagues, family members...

For further enquiries OR orders you can Call / whatsapp us on 08185400000 .

You can also get Calorad in leading pharmacies nationwide including Medplus Pharmacy ( 07013489458 ) , Bydow pharmacies ( 09093855304 ) and Hmedix pharmacy( Abuja only-08173423324 ). 

We also do nationwide delivery.
You can also hook up with us on facebook and instagram to see more testimonials and hear the latest gossips in the calorad world...

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