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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Caitlyn Jenner reveals she had massive panic after first gender reassignment surgery

One of the revelations Caitlyn Jenner made in her new memoir is that she suffered a massive panic attack after her first gender reassignment surgery. The star opened up about her struggles with gender issues in her memoir, The Secrets Of My Life."
In the book, Caitlyn wrote about what it was like the first time she had surgery to make her face more feminine and get breast implants. She disclosed that after struggling to catch some real sleep thanks to the drugs in her system from the surgery, her heart began thumping and she suffered a massive panic attack, asking herself:

"What the f**k did you do?"

She wrote: "This has never happened to me before. I am always in control of my emotions, but not tonight. Get a grip. Just get a grip. Try to take a deep breath. In. Out. Another. In. Out. It's not working. I am having a panic attack. Every questions that I had before the surgery hits me again, only this time like a stream of bullets. Without embellishing - and I swear I am not embellishing - it is like I am convulsing inside. 

Caitlyn seems to be over the panic now and has come to accept her new reality. In fact, she is enjoying it. She went on to say later in the book that she has done the final gender reassignment surgery.

She wrote: "After much deliberation, I had The Final Surgery in January 2017. The surgery was a success, and I feel not only wonderful but liberated. I am telling you because I believe in candor. So all of you can stop staring. You want to know, so now you know. Which is why this is the first time, and the last time, I will ever speak of it."


Henry said...

bruce jenner/caityln jenner had a massive panic? who cares. the man was an olympian

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a man's man in the 1980s now after being submissive to his wife for years he becomes a woman.

Monemi said...

depraved minds....... bcos dey refused to acknowledge d existence of God

uniquechic said...

ur cup.....d world has more pressing issues

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Good for him

... Merited happiness

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Oh please....that's because he did it for revenge and not cause he really wanted to be female...stupid man

Long live LIB

nony bright said...

Hmm.... Did u force that on ureself!.??.

Anonymous said...

Pls tell this think still identifying himself among humans to look for where he she can hide..Pls madam Linda there are news that are taboos in the eyes and ears of Nigerians...our culture doesn't well come such...though there may be people doing dis,but are hiding cos we don't celebrate it...our young males also have this page what 're u encouraging?there's more to bring a woman than a man or what?

Joyous babe, Linda Ikeji FIrst Cousin said...


Anonymous said...


Ushie Blessing said...


Linda's pearl said...

Na him sabi, who send am message. Mtcheeeewwwwww

Anonymous said...

Dumb ass still substitutes "HE" for "SHE".

donduke said...

What a world,sometimes I use to think life is one big hologram; the only thing that makes me know it is real is when I feel hungry. How can we ever reconcile this things without God!

OSINANL said...


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