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Friday, 5 May 2017

Book review: If only - A novel by J. Michael

If you love stories that explores human weaknesses and strengths, then you will love If Only. A captivating, hard to put down book written by critically acclaimed author, J. Michael. The story is set in a modern Lagos city.
It tells the story of Joe, who for a while, thought that the grass was greener on the other side until he was brought to a rude awakening. The book was narrated in the first person by the protagonist who by his thought processes let us know how he came to appreciate the things he had long taken for granted - a beautiful wife Clara, a great home, his freedom and a successful career.  Nadine crossed his path, he commenced an affair that will ultimately threaten everything he holds dear.

I like the non-judgmental tone of this book. There is no moralization, no censure, just an acute depiction of human frailties - infidelity, deception, greed, power tussle, betrayal, murder. The author recognized that as human, sometimes we make mistakes, however, it is how we respond to the fallout of our actions that is more important and that is what define us.
“IF ONLY” is not all about doom and human destructive propensities. It also let us appreciate that human beings are also capable of love, of understanding, of friendship, of unflinching support, of forgiveness. It encourages us to appreciate the things we take for granted such as our freedom and the love of those around us. More importantly, it admonishes us to take a stand not to repeat past mistakes, for as Joe said, “Once bitten a trillion times shy”


J. Michael is a pseudonym for a prolific writer of riveting short stories that have been published in various journals. He has worked with several institutions and served in the boards of some commercial banks in a non-executive capacity. His experience extends to real estate management and telecommunications within the African continent. J. Michael holds a BSc in Applied Mathematics and an MA in Economics studies. He is an alumnus of Stanford University and the Harvard Business School. ‘IF ONLY’ is his first novel.


Bankole said...

cool. i hope it is sold online so i can get a copy sent to me.
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Ifesanmi Tim said...

Interesting and intriguing. Lots of lessons to relearn.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

Adeyinka Adeagbo said...

Thumbs up !

Jesusiscomingsoon. Beware!

Carina K Jacob said...

Nice one!
Will get a copy.

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