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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Alleged IDP fraud: Senate insists suspended SGF Babachir Lawal must be prosecuted

The senate today again called for the prosecution of suspended Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, for allegedly abusing his office as the chairman of the Presidential Initiative of the North East PINE.

Submitting its final report before the house, Chairman of the Senate Ad-Hoc Cttee on Mounting Humanitarian Crisis in the North East, Shehu Sani, told the senate that investigations carried out by the committee showed that PINE flagrantly flouted Procurement Laws in Contract Awards.
Sani stated that PINE contributed N50Million to two different Humanitarian Conferences and less than N2Million to IDPs themselves.

Speaking further, Sani said that a lot of PINE Contracts were awarded to friends and cronies of people in Government. He said the committee confirmed from BVN records at the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN that suspended SGF Babachir Lawal is still signatory to one of the companies that was awarded a N200 million contract to clear invasive grasses.

Senator Na'Allah who was also a member of the committee, disclosed that N20 million was paid as consultancy fee for a N200 million contract.

Last December, the senate called for the resignation and prosecution of Babachir after he was indicted in the North East Humanitarian crisis reprort.  Presidnet Buhari had written to the senate saying he could not grant their request to sack and prosecute Babachir because he was not given fair hearing by the committee. Even with three invitations afterwards, Babachir has failed to appear before the committee to answer questions surrounding his alleged involvement in corruption.

On April 19th, President Buhari ordered his suspension and asked a threee man panel led by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, to investigate the corruption allegations against Babachir. Osinbajo's panel is expected to deliver its report today May 3rd.


Sheila said...

It is likely not going to happen because the former SGF is Buhari's close friend.
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NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Pls what happened at FEC today? Did buhari make it?

Long live LIB

Emeka said...

To be honest this just shows Saraki is a very vindictive man and people should be careful with him. A man that is not capable of forgiving doesn't also deserve to be forgiven. This is the major reason why I will not want Saraki in a higher position. People think Buhari goes after enemies but someone like Saraki would have been far worse.
Too wicked inside.

prisca nkiru said...

Sit down and mind your business. What do u mean by wicked. So he should sit back and watch Lawal cut grass for 200m. Let them knock them self's out

Anonymous said...

In George Orwell's animal farm, some animals were more equal than others. So it is in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

Are you mad? Babachir stole far more than even the N250 million for 1 grasscutting. He awarded 17 humongous contracts to his own company Rholavision. He took 50% bribes from every PINE contractor. Is it because your devil midget boss the fake pastor fake professor vp osinbajo that cleared this thieving SGF and told him not to answer Senate oversight is now having to return to his dirty vomit in a panel probe that you came here to talk rubbish that Saraki is wicked? Babachir stole from NIGERIAN IDP's, not Saraki. Emeka you are a senseless dunce of a fake pastorian dullardeen.

Anonymous said...

This Emeka is a deodorant spraying fake pastorian dullardeen. Babachir Lawal stole from Nigerian IDP who are dying like flies. Even that hypocrite fake pastor vp has been forced by Buhari himself to return to his own vomit after clearing. Babachir in his previous lies. The Saraki you are abusing is very correct, the same way he was very correct on fuel subsidy.

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