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Friday, 12 May 2017

8-year-old kills himself 2 days after video captured him beaten unconcious by bullies

An 8-year-old has committed suicide following an attack he sustained at school that left him unconcious. Following his death, the Cincinnati Public School system plans to release surveillance video showing bullies at his elementary school beating him unconscious two days prior.

On January 24, Gabe Taye had walked into a bathroom in Carson Elementary School to find another student getting assaulted by a group of bullies. He attempted to help the victim but got attacked instead. 
The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Taye was thrust into a wall and he became unsconcious for over 7 minutes. A police report obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer reveals that after Taye’s assailant knocked him to the ground, the other students would “step over, point, mock, nudge, kick, etc.,” on him while he remained unconscious.

A school official later called Taye's mother, Cornelia Reynolds, and lied to her that her son fainted. When Cornelia picked her son from school, he was really sick and vomitted twice. He continously complained that his stomach hurt even after he was taken to the hospital. Two days after the attack, Taye hung himself from his bunk bed. 

The victim's family lawyer, Jennifer Branch speaking of the attack, said: 

"A boy is in the bathroom punching and threatening and assaulting other children, and the son of my client walks in. (Gabe) actually attempts to shake this assailant's hand, and this assailant pulls him forward and slams him into the wall and he is knocked unconscious for seven-and-a-half minutes.

"If the school had told her what had happened to him in the bathroom, that he was unconscious for such a long period of time, she would have taken him to the hospital immediately, reported that to the medical professionals, and she would have called police," Branch told the Enquirer.
In the school district’s statement, it was revealed no charges would be filed.

“Though the connection between this incident at school and Gabriel's suicide are not clear, the district shared this video with police investigators at the time of the incident. Their investigation has concluded and no charges were filed,” read the statement obtained by the Enquirer.

The surveillance tape showing the abuse is still in the process of getting edited ahead of a Friday release.


Emotional Accountant said...

Perilous times.

(The lack of money is the root of all evil)

kisbykay (Travelling Agency) said...

Nawa oo. May his soul rest in peace. Amen

OSINANL said...


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

This small boy?!

... Merited happiness

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

This is so sad and unfortunate. May God comfort his parents.

Long live LIB

Ijanyi Mitch said...

What does an 8 yr old know abt taking life? His own life for that matter

Jenny Gbanite said...

rest in peace little one

Dupsy B said...

Small pikin committing suicide? Bullies everywhere. Nah wah oooo. So sorry about this. RIP kid.

Anonymous said...

hmmm,, this is saddening. what gave this lad the mindset to commit suicide at such tender age. the world is becoming too intricate for many to fathom.. parents should please try to inquire and follow up what their kids find out surfing the net and what they see on TV's.. such a handsome boy.. BEEF AND DIE

Agbomen said...

An eight year old, hw did he know to commit suicide??!! What is this world coming to? Na waoh!

Nnenne George said...

Sorry son.. rip

Anonymous said...

so sorry but he wouldn't have done this. how did he come to know of suicide? wherewwe're the parents? the parents should be investigated also. something is fishing here

Joy Ibekwe said...

Parent should please teach their children love and care for one another. Whatever u teach a child, he won't deviate from it when he grows up. Bulling is very common these days with children. The mother of that child was careless not to ask him questions thereafter, take him to the hospital and report to the police. I feel so sad honestly. Many children are very helpless when they fall victims of bulling everywhere.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

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