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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

16-year-old jumps to his death, off a 30 storey building, because his parents seized his PS4… and it was livestreamed

A teenage boy has committed suicide in China simply because he was upset that his parents grounded him and took away his PS4 and computer. The boy had reportedly been spending too much time at internet cafes so to curtail his excesses, his parents seized his electronic devices and locked him at home.
The sad incident occurred at about 1:00 p.m. on April 29th in Lanzhou City Chengguan District Golden Capital. In the video shared online, the boy can be seen standing on a balcony on the 30th floor while voices can be heard in the background.

He soon jumps to his death while spectators screamed. It is not clear from the video if any of the witnesses tried to dissuade him. See the video below.


Anonymous said...

You need to avoid this LAZY SLOPPY WORK.
your headline says 6 year old, the content says teenager. Kindly proofread and get your facts right.

Jeftech said...

Omg because of ps4
that guy must be a fool
see weti Sony don cos

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ogbonna nwabueze said...

Congratulations to him

victor kelvin said...

It seems nowadays is whoever video the death of someone who's d real hero and nt any one who tries to stop him..... why didn't they call for help or call the parent..... generation of nowadays....Damn

Nnenne George said...

I can't watch biko🙈🙈🙈..very disturbing video. they should put PS4 inside his casket as a parting gift.. atleast something he will be playing in the land of the dead..

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What kind of obsession is that?

Anonymous said...

Can't you people see that the more we post all this suicide news, especially the live stream people are starting to think that ending it all is the way out, because we tend to copy what we see on tv and the news ,trust me killing yourself on facebook will soon become the new trend,sorry its already is ,BUT I AM A BALCK MAN, A NIGERIAN LIFE TO SWEET TO DEY THINK THAT KIND RUBBISH OF SUICIDE(I DEY CRACE)

Ijanyi Mitch said...

The world is becoming something else

Emeka Izuogu said...

I can't imagine how minced his body will look like on the ground he landed...Chai because of Ps4 me that is still looking for PS3

Babatunde said...

You need to check yourself in an eye-clinic.

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