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Monday, 8 May 2017

$15m Fraud: Courts Refuses Patience Jonathan’s Claim To $9.8m

Justice M.B. Idris of the Federal High Court sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos, today rejected an application filed by a former First Lady, Patience Jonathan, seeking a declaration that she owns the sum of $9.8m domiciled in Skye Bank.

The former First Lady, through her lawyer, I.A. Adedipe, SAN, had filed an application by way of amended originating summons dated December 15, 2016, seeking a declaration that she is the owner of the money and that she is entitled to access the funds without hindrance.

Adedipe had also sought an order of the court discharging the freezing of the account.

However, the prosecution had filed a counter affidavit, challenging the competency of the amended originating summons of the applicant. At today's sitting, prosecution counsel, Idris Abdullahi Mohammed, urged the court to reject the application filed by the defence counsel.

"My Lord, the facts in this case are in dispute; and it is a known fact that whenever a fact is in dispute, the appropriate way of commencing this suit is by way of writ of summons, which the applicant has refused to comply with."

In his ruling, Justice Idris upheld the submission of the prosecution counsel that the suit ought not to have commenced by the way of originating summons, which the claimant had done. Consequently, the judge ordered parties to file their applications by way of writ of summons before the court.

The money is part of the sum of $15.5m the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, had stumbled on in four bank accounts domiciled in Skye Bank Plc, while investigating a former Special Adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan on Domestic Affairs, Waripamowei Dudafa. The names of the three companies are: Pluto Property and Investment Company Limited; Seagate Property Development and Investment Company Limited; Trans Ocean Property and Investment Company Limited.


Ganiru said...

in any sane country the money would have been forfeited to the government but in nigeria this is still and issue.
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RareSpecie Z said...

Good 4 a Thief

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not, in any good country you follow due process, until there is unequivocal proof, that a crime has been committed.

Apart from repatriation of alleged stolen funds, punishment and conviction have to be addressed.

Yes, Mama Thief is looking more and more guilty, but we do not prosecute people in the court of public opinion.

Every rock must be turned, all accomplices and infringement must be uncovered, otherwise the courts will be considered a circus show, and a precedence would be set, for other near-do-wells to get away with their own issues of contention.

Anonymous said...

The money is a proceed of thief every reasonable person can attest to that. She should logically tell Nigerians the source of that ill-gotten amount of money.

Anonymous said...

Because the whole system is corrupt to the core.

Anonymous said...

She is clearly not cooperating, therefore it's the responsibility of the relevant agencies, to investigate thoroughly. Even if she did cooperate, investigations would still need to be carried out, to collaborate her story.

There is always a paper trail. Call logs, bank transactions, associates, lobbyists, the list goes on.

Under normal circumstances, the case could take over a couple of years. The fact that she refuses to cooperate (Perhaps seeing it as an admittance of guilt) makes it even the more difficult, to conclude the proceedings swiftly.

Unfortunately for her, the longer she obstructs justice, the longer it would take for the repatriation of the proceeds, and the more complicated the outcome would be for her.

Her husband's immunity offers no protection from prosecution, she has and will always be a private citizen who has committed a crime against the Federal Republic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

pls it's her money,u broke ass niggas should keep ur mouth shut and hustle,nonsense,#watsbeef

Chijioke Nwobi said...

Shai africa has a very big problem how old is this woman and wat is she doing with this kind of money God is washing all of u corrupt top politicians

FRESH said...

Greedy woman! I hope she never places her fat hands on that money ever again!

FRESH said...

Greedy woman! I hope she never places her fat hands on that money ever again!

Anonymous said...

Gods judgement and mercy fall upon this devilish family amen.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Achille Biaga said...

That's why we now keep millions of dollars in our homes. Banks will always sell u out!

hrm paul said...

In a sane country she will be asked how did she com across such funds.she is not a business mogul she was just a teacher so how com she had such moni.

topechristalhomes.blogspot.com.ng said...

there are so many people suffering out there, some cannot afford three square meals, and some childrens lives are even exposed to danger, and here we have different claims of 15m dollars fraud from the ex presidents wife. companies keeps downsizing, and we dont evenknow the future of the youth in the country. this is so sad, we need t just help ourselves and forget who ever in power, lets invest wisely in order to get to the top. there are three sure investment in d worleed today
oil and gas
real estate
equity market
ask me how,

demmy akintunde said...

Good comment. This mama thief suppose to be jailed for all her actions by now.

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