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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Welcome to the best Peer to peer donation scheme - Dualgram www.dualgram.com

 This is a sponsored post... Not endorsed by LIB.
Since the beginning of ponzi, there have been countless losses and disappointments. Dualgram is a carefully thought out peer to peer donation platform here to please the masses, Aureivor to bad cyber beggers and welcome the considerate and people's helper platform. Although we have had ponzi lasting for few hours, ours is designed to last for a long time as the team members are made up of trusted individuals and humanitarians.
 Our goal is to ensure that there are no losses thereby creating financial freedom for all participants. 
After proper research this system has covered all ends to ensure smooth gathering  of funds and designed to uplift you financially with the latest system security, dynamism, fairness and equity, these are all we offer. See this as your network salary. Relax and earn.
1. 100% Downtime on our platform
2. 5 minutes to 7days ROI ( Return of investment)
3. 2 hours payment window
4. Auto rematch 
5. On ground support team ready to tackle any problems you might encounter.
6.  Our marketing sphere is wide, so no fears as your money is safe.
7. Email verification for accounts (no fake account) 

Packages: N10000, N20000, N50000, 75000 (locked), 100000 (locked)

So come one, come all and lets smile to the bank together. Visit us now : www.dualgram.com
Recycle, recycle, recycle and smile!!!

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Oscark said...

I laugh in chinko

Riliwan said...

Another one... MMM/ponzi. They are everywhere these days. Here is how to get a big penis

Freebrowsingweb Admin said...

I reserve my comments

Meanwhile: The Legal Battle Continues as Qualcomm Sues Apple Again

Anonymous said...

are people still patronizing all this thieves?

Anonymous said...

May Ogun kill the Web builder and the owner of the ponzi site.

Anonymous said...

lolz, twinkpeer.com is still the best and active.. i stand with twinkpeer.com anytime anyday

Anonymous said...

Linda stop allowing these things... Biko!!!

the bawse said...

linda you are a yeye person for allowing ur platform to be used to promote ponzi u would not want to back

Anonymous said...

firstdonaion.club is still paying, let me see how this one goes

Anonymous said...

Fundraiser has already crahed

Anonymous said...

Scam scam scam

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