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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Visually impaired man gives out his land to shelter over 500 IDPs in Maiduguri

A Visually impaired man, Ahmed Ali 'Mai kifi' of Mafa LGA freely gave out his land to shelter over 500 Internally Displaced Persons in Maiduguri, Borno state. How kind of him!

Photo Credit: Aisha Kidah


Anonymous said...

(IDP) Internally Displaced Persons? Boko Haram has long been defeated. What are the IDPs still doing in their various camps? I was 11 when Nigeria civil war broke out in 1967 and was 14 when it ended in 1970. Immediately it ended on 15/1/70, we returned to our village and began to reconstruct our house that was destroyed by shelling mortars and bullets because there was no more federal troops around our country home. If the federal government and their military forces claim the militants have been defeated, let the idp return to their villages; begin to rebuild their mud houses, which is not difficult for them to do so. Children among them whose parents are dead should be sent to orphanage homes if they cannot be taken care of by their late parent's relatives. All in all, if boko haram has not been defeated, our government should stop deceiving us and let them let us hear and rest please.

chioma okeke said...

Eayah! Very kind of him. His reward is in heaven.

livingstone chibuike said...

very thoughtful of him

Get a Bigger Penis Using Penis Exercises @ said...

Does he have the title deed to the land that he is claiming to own?

Kaz said...

Pls let us learn to appreciate pple...weda dey hav defeated bokoharam or not who payed houses fr doz IDPS to relocate or gave them a place to stay? Infact who defeated bokoharam n snc when,dat d killings still continue. N also what is title deed n other deeds got to do wf ds. The whol scenario is he was so compasionate tu inconvinent himself fr others convinence. Just appreciate instead of criticize...

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

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