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Friday, 14 April 2017

Two men fight two Trangender women on a bus...and it's all you need to see today! (video)

Is it okay for men to fight transgender women like men? Well, technically, they are still men with the strength of a the hilarious fight, which includes nakedness, after the cut...

Oh lawd 😱😱😱😱. Re they not ladies now? Should men fight trans women like they fight men? Jesox

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Want to increase your penis size? [Click Here] said...

lol... wtf. Which kind thing be this.

Anonymous said...

Shuo lol ooooooooo wereys all over the place

Anonymous said...

Those straight men will spend a long time thinking about their choices in prison.

David Uzor said...

Lol...they re stil men na transgender or not, atleast der strength did not transgend too

ken christy said...

Na waa ooo

donduke said...

We are truly in the last days; the end of the world could be today or a hundred yrs to come,we still say we are in the last days cus the world has come a very long way.

Eddy Ogbunambala said...

Lol 😁

Anonymous said...

What!!!!😬😬 I gv up....

Tola Ogunsanya said...

What did I just watch??��������

Kemmiespicy said...

Please explain how they turn out to be ladies? A lady with a dick?

Anonymous said...

The painful thing is, they are all of African decent. What a disgrace to black race.

kikomu chris said...

Hmm so intriguing

dee boi said...

Yepa! Dem don go deceive the straight guys to fuck dem and abeg no b prick dey dangle for her laps so?... dee

Anonymous said...


Their strength did not "transgend"!!!

Desert Flower said...

Sorry but did I just see someone's penis? A 'supposed' lady?

Testimony Nancy said...

Just negodu as dem de disgrace themselves.

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okpalaoka chima said...

End of the world

judith umeh said...

I will only watch based on the comments

Anonymous said...

I need the full popcorn is ready

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oh-G said...

Funniest things today

Anonymous said...

lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooo did i see a dick on one of the trannies...the naked one?

Teddy said...

Lol just curious about this whole thing transgender???? Una dey mad who send you make you change public part to dick Linda abeg give us more news about those women we get the 50 million for ikoyi cause na swear I dey swear since

Anonymous said...

This is an old news story from 2014 Linda!

samuel Ezebuchi said...

U mean that sumptuous boobs belongs to a man?

OSINANL said...

I see prick

Anonymous said...

Lol this looks like Washington DC metro.

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