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Friday, 14 April 2017

Twitter user alleges that Nigeria embassy in Qatar employ Indians and Kenyans, Abike Dabiri-Erewa respond

A twitter user, Adewoleade has alleged that apart from the ambassador and consulate, other people working at the Nigeria embassy in Qatar are Indians and Kenyans.

The Senior Special Assistant to the president of Foreign Relations and Dispora, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, responded to the allegations stating that Ministry of Foreign Affairs will look into it. See the rest of the tweets after the cut.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the embassy is run effectively in Qatar. In London the passport office staffed mainly by Nigerians is a complete shambles. The visa office has been outsourced to a private company, the difference is very clear.

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Those jobs should be exclusive to Nigerians.

FRESH said...

Responsible government. That's the most appropriate response I have ever seen from a government appointee.

Anonymous said...

The Nigerian embassy in Abu Dhabi also.

Anonymous said...

Abike, you need to visit Nigerian Embassy in the UK too.
The Visa section are all Europeans, I was there on the day a Nigerian lady was walked out of the Embassy.
I stood up for her.
I mean, walked a Nigerian out of Nigerian Embassy.
It was humiliating.

dee boi said...

Na wah... dee

Anonymous said...

Nigerian embassy in poland and ukrain is worst,the last time i called ukrain embassy for authentication of some documents i was told to put money in an envelop and mail to them,imagine embassy does not have a bank accout.

Anonymous said...

But the U.K. Embassy in Nigeria is full of Nigerians. What's this argument?

Anonymous said...

Nigeria is finished! The ambassador should be recalled.

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm saying its right but honestly guyz we're always quick to cry wolf. Look at it from this angle. If Nigerian embassies had more than 80% being Nigerian employ
1. That's free visa issuance without better scrutiny just money talks.
2.Tribalism.....ah "this is my broda make una give am nau"
3. Disorderly conduct of our people when they get there normal Naija talk.... "do you know who I am? "
4. Some might start doing shady deals and stamping passports with counterfeit like visas. Our people sha
5.There definitely is a reason for this.
Just saying
Whatever angle you discuss this, it's annoying

Anonymous said...

I have observed this myself, generally Nigerians are unprofessional and disorganised. I remember walking through the door of the Nigerian high commission for the first time, it immediately felt like I was back in Nigeria. It was a mess, the staff were acting like they were sick and tired of being there. It was saddening, I realised we were far from being a civilised people.

uniquechic said...

I agree with u guys...nigerians and dat attitude..if its not shady deals its dat pride and lack of humility but not withstanding its our embassy at least keep nigerians ova dia busy, making good living instead of odd jobs..
Just scrutinize and train dem to be professionals..dey will think twice of misconduct if dey know d jail term dat white ppl dont waste time

Betty Sales said...

Nigerians are known to be a disorganized staffs .. Especially, if they'd become 3 and more in same office .. Everyone wanna be a boss, no team work but constant na you carry me come .. Arrogants bastards .. I WISH QATAR EVEN CHANGE THE AMBASSADOR TO AN IRAQI SELF .. LOL

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you employ your relatives rather than professionals.

Anonymous said...

Nigeria we hael thee.

Anonymous said...

Nigeria high commission in the UK is an eye sore.
The workers can be so so rude, very unprofessional. I dread going to that place.
It a big shame.

Anonymous said...

Even in the American, The Nigeria Embassy are so disorganized, They are like it's not my father Job,its so annoying

Anonymous said...

Please close them

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