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Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Love I share with Annie made me a more mature and better person - 2face Idibia

In an interview with Soundcity 98.5 Radio, 2Baba opened up about how and why he went back to the love of his life, Annie, and how the love they share reflects on person. When asked How and why he went back to Annie Idibia;
"Every reason. I was just deceiving myself that .. you know as man dey do sometimes. He go see wetin actually dey down but he go feel say make I see whether.. You know all that kind nonsense behaviour. But at one point in time, I was like look I'm not going to let this girl go. I just started realizing that this is who I want to be with. This is actually who I want to spend the rest of my life with. This is the person that actually does it for me. So there is no need to deceive myself anymore. I come beg, them come gree."
On How Annie and the love they share reflects on who he is
"It (love) made me a more mature and better person. It made me understand that you know that there is so many things you have to work out together with people that you care about, It's not all bed of roses all the time, it's not all smooth. There are sometimes that you disagree to agree and all that kind of stuff, But you just have to mature enough to work through these things. These things will come, challenges will come. You just have to put heads together and work through them."


Alloy Chikezie said...

Many times at younger age, we humans don't know what we want, you see the nice guy, the nice girl, the husband/wife material, but we still want to be adventurous and fool ourselves.
We end up with the bad guys, and the bad girls, and we justify it by saying nice guys/girls dey carry last.
Good for 2baba, in his case, he never lost Annie to another man.

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OSINANL said...


Anonymous said...

So wetin concern agbero with over load?

Anonymous said...

Correct one Alloy!

Kabala and the Butterfly said...

Tubaba is responsible, smart and mature to have settled down with Annie, and to take good care of his kids from other women. Who is perfect my brother? Who holy pass? I duff my hat tubaba.

Anonymous said...

And u go behind Annie to fuck Pero Adeniyi ur baby maama with three kids plus other side chicks. God is watching.

Anonymous said...

But he still goes back to Annie

Anonymous said...

Well said Alloy, Bassey and Debie-Rise, over here is word of wisdom.
2baba, thank God for you, you can now testify to the fact that true love truly exist, the peace of mind that you know now is unexplainable right?
Till you grow old together hand in hand, that what I pray for you and your children.
Love is a beautiful thing especially when you're with the right person.

Anonymous said...

Pero wants to be used that's why, if not, she should close her legs, pray to God and he will settle her with her own man like Sumbo did.

SaintAgatha said...

You have a point there

Anonymous said...

Pero your time don pass, u kukuma ugly die, Tuface no like u

Anonymous said...

But e like the toto born 3 children from it. Or did he say he was raped. Women bashing other women without hearing the other side. One day we will hear Pero side of the story. Let the continue to sell perfect marriage and perfect relationship to you people, that is all they have to offer to sell their brand. The whole of Lagos knows 2 baba and Annie true story not this hogwash they sell on social media.

Anonymous said...

Pls tell us the true story since u know it so I u telling me dat Annie and tuface are faking their love on social media.we can't wait to hear from pero side of story OK hope u are not pero or friend coming under anonymous to say shit. After all sunmbo said her own side of story and ended up marrying a pastor.

Ifeyinwa Atuanya said...

2Face, "you still dey on dis Annie Idibia story?"

"Which the whole world sabi."

"May dem no dey ask you Annie Idibia questions like dat, you don pass am, because you don marry am. Shame bad people."

"If you dey answer Annie Idibia questions every time for Nigeria media, e go be like una dey quarrel, you and Annie Idibia."

"kwu shia."

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