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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Susan Chanel Beauty Skinline- Your one stop beauty, therapeutic, treatment and healing centre

Is that skin issues still giving you a lot of concern??? Are you fed up with your dry, dull and rough skin texture, still battling with skin discoloration? Feeling insecure about your body physique. Solution has come to Stay!!

Susan Chanel Beauty Skinline is Your One Stop Beauty, Therapeutic, Treatment and Healing Centre For All Skin Issues, Body Issues, Sexual Discomfort, Skin Care and All other Beauty Related Issues!!!     

    We Stock varieties of Beauty and Skin Care Product. Hand Made and Internationally Produced.    

      We Put an End to Embarrassing Skin Issues such as Stretch marks,Dark Knuckles, Sun Burn, White Patches, Acne Melasma, Chronic Acne, Age Spots, Freckles, Green Veins,Varicose Veins, Patches, Discoloration, Rashes, After shave Bumps, Dark Armpit,Dark Inbetween tighs, Dull Complexion, Dark Knees, Dark Toes, Dark Elbows, reddish skin undertones and all other skin related issues. We also stock skin Restoration Creams and Lotions, Skin Renewal Lotions and Body Oils, Skin Repair Kits, Glow kits, Brightening Kits, Antiageing Kits and Lots more. We also deal in Body enhancement Pills Like Hip Enlargement, Butt Enlargement, Bust Lift, firming and Enlargement.

We also Deal with Female Intimacy Products Like Virginal Tightening, Virginal Cleansing, Clitoral  Stimulation Serums and Lots more intimacy Products. All Our Signature Chanel Beauty Products are Available this includes New and Existing products. Wide Range of internationally Recognized Skin Care Products are Also Available.  

   Massage, Skin wash, Facials, dermabration, Sauna Bath and More are also available.    

And Many other Treatments Available, Includes

➰Hand Sculpting
➰body scrub ➰Thermo Therapy ➰Vacumtherapy
➰ Sauna steam ➰G5 MASSAGE

Pay Us a Visit Today
 50 Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos

Pay Us a Visit Today 50 Allen Avenue Ikea Lagos We ship nation wide Call/ wazapp 2349096500638/ 2348145256166 Pin D609D14C. Check out our ig page for pic and videos
Ig @susanchanelbeauty and Thank Us Later!!
We do Justice to Your Skin and Body like No Other.

 Susan Chanel It's All About Fresh, Glowing, Skin!!!



ed DREAMZ said...

Bleaching things up and down....

Kiama Ibe said...

Una try

Anonymous said...

Eweeee..... Vampire facials ke?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in pulling other women down, but please use her products with caution. After using her cream I got unsightly dark knuckles and stretch marks on my skin and thighs, and I wasn't using a whitening cream oh. If you comment/ complain on her IG page she will delete. Luckily she can't delete comments here so y'all be cautious. And like another person commented she is extremely rude so if you're big on good customer service just order her products online instead of visiting her store.

Anonymous said...

Chanel I love your product!

Endurance said...

Well said she is ill mannerd is an understatement, dy sell rubbish after persuading n convincing you does pictures dy pasted r fake n from deir product if u like urself. No enter one chance

Anonymous said...

Most of you come here to comment, wen u hardly know her! Susanchanel is a playful person if you see or meet her in person... not everyone will like u anonymous post! She's not even in charge of her phone calls and messages.. I'm not Susan tho .. speaking from my own experience.. she's a nice person to me o.. and her products are very ok for me. Not all product works for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Chanel's product is the best so far. I have been using her products since its inception. As for her manners, common that's a blatant lie. If you go to her shop she treats her customers like Queens.

Anonymous said...

Her products are very good. I am a living testimony. The lady is good at what she does

Anonymous said...

Susan for life, all others na counterfeit

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