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Monday, 10 April 2017

Stephen Belafonte's ex vows to team up with Mel B and bring him down

It appears Mel B is not the only victim of Stephen Belafonte's abuse. She has teamed up with his ex Nicole Contreras who endured similar treatment at his hands and the unlikely tag team are intent on bringing him down and protecting Mel B's £50million fortune.

The pact was agreed after Mel B made a flurry of ‘tearful and emotional’ phone calls to Nicole Contreras.

 They both claim that Hollywood producer and director Stephen Belafonte subjected them to a ruthless campaign of emotional and physical abuse.

Former model, Nicole who has a 13yr old daughter from a six year relationship with Stephen said:
‘I will do anything I can to help Mel in her fight. I know better than anyone what she has gone through because I lived with him for six years and he abused me too. We both went through hell with that man.’
Ms Contreras who is now an LA estate agent claims she is still ‘terrified’ of Belafonte who was accused of beating her up in 2003, but vowed:
 ‘Mel called me asking for help. She was emotional and tearful. We have spoken multiple times this week. I will do whatever it takes to help her.’ 
A source said Mel B has hired accountants to examine her financial records for the past decade on the suspicion that Stephen was stealing money.
 ‘It’s all about money now,’ the source said. ‘Stephen took control of the finances and Mel believes he siphoned off millions.
'Mel knows Nicole will be a powerful ally to have in what will undoubtedly be a vicious and nasty fight ahead.
'Nicole suffered abuse at this man’s hands and she and Mel have vowed to take him down and make sure no other woman is hurt.’


Shola said...

The man has really injured so many women. Get a bigger penis here

merikse chinedu eziuloh said...

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned,imaine what happens when two scorned & abused women join forces against one bully,Stephen Belafonte,i don't envy u all,kai

Anonymous said...

Psycho of a man, feeding off women. They are coming for your balls.

RareSpecie Z said...

Even devil go run away

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