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Thursday, 27 April 2017

R. Kelly sued over alleged extramarital affair

Legendary R&B singer, R. Kelly is being sued by a Mississippi man for an alleged affair with his wife. Kenny Bryant, who is a deputy with Hinds County Sheriff, filed the lawsuit against the singer on April 21 in circuit court.

In the lawsuit, he said that his wife Asia Childress had a sexual relationship with the singer after attending one of his concerts in October 2012.
Bryant claimed that Kelly and Childress had previously been in an intimate relationship, but that the latter told him it had ended ahead of their July 15, 2012, nuptials.

In the 18-page documents, he also claimed that his wife and Kelly were constantly keeping in touch via text messages, and would meet up in person in other states, including Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.

Bryant alleges that his wife convinced him to move to Atlanta to further her career, a move which he believes that 'the ulterior motive' was to continue her adulterous relationship with R. Kelly.'

According to him, Childress has filed for divorce to be with the R.Kelly.

And to punish R.Kelly for destroying his home, Kenny Bryant is seeking compensatory and punitive damages of an undisclosed amount.


OSINANL said...


Bill Tayo said...

Thank God she is not underage. R.kelly always in the news for the wrong reasons lately.

Hrm paul said...

Shameless ma nothing way we go no see for America divorce ur adulterous wife and move on u piece of shit how are we not sure he connived with his wife to rip of Kelly Animal. who sues another man for banging ur wife idiot if he was not a celebrity would u have sued

Cornelius Chukwu said...

He should blame the wife as no one forced her to do anything against her will and as a law enforcement officer she is supposed to know better.

Anonymous said...

This guy is an ass hole !! He is not a man. Your wife is cheating on u, and all you . and all you could do is to sue Kelly. Did Kelly rape your wife? Why not sue your wife for cheating on you?

Anonymous said...

This story get k leg.u n ur wife don dey hungry

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