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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Photos/Videos: Woman who delivered while in a coma wakes up, meets 3-month-old son

An Argentinian police officer, Amelia Bannan, whose baby was delivered while she was in a coma woke up and held her three-and a half-month-old baby for the first time. Her family is calling it a miracle. Bannan was nearly six months pregnant when on Nov. 1 she was in a car accident in which she suffered a skull fracture that resulted in a blood clot in her brain.

She was hospitalized in a coma.  The coma, however, didn't stop her pregnancy from moving along and she gave birth to a baby boy, Santino, by cesarean section  on Christmas Eve. At 34 weeks gestation, the baby weighed 4.16 pounds and was in good health, family said.
Relatives visited her every day at the hospital in Posadas, talking to her and giving her time with baby Santino. Bannan’s brother, Cesar, described to the unforgettable day his sister suddenly came to.
He said:
“That day we heard there in the silence, while we were giving Santino the bottle, we heard a low voice, we heard 'yes', ‘yes’,” he recalled. “To corroborate if she was listening to me, I told her, ‘Amelia, if you understand me, stick out your tongue.’ And she stuck out her tongue.” “It was a total revolution. Norma lay on Amelia's body, embraced her, and wept tears of joy,” Bannan said. “It revolutionized our hearts.”
"The doctors said that Amelia has defied all scientific logic, that her case is truly a miracle," said Cesar, who is also a cop.

On regaining consciousness, when Bannan saw her son, she thought he was her nephew. Then her family explained the reality to her.

Her husband took to Facebook and wrote:

Bannan gradually began to remember what happened to her. At first, speaking in a confused manner, she eventually made herself understood, her brother said.
"Amelia is young, and despite the traumatic brain injury she suffered, she is surprising us," said neurosurgeon Marcelo Ferreira, who is treating her.

"She still has a lot to give. She needs time, and everyone needs to be patient."
Amelia is improving quickly, according to the physiotherapist who supervises her rehabilitation, Roberto Gisin.
"At first she only said ‘yes’ and ‘no’, now she is managing to answer questions and understand commands," he told El Pais.
Dr. Gisin said Amelia can already turn around by herself, move all four limbs and he believes that if there are no setbacks she'll be walking in a few months.
Neurosurgeon Marcelo Ferreira says
“She keeps surprising us”. “We hope that at some point, we will be able to see her walking, holding her son’s hand.”

She has since been discharged and is recovering at home with her loving family.

Watch the video of Bannan with baby Santino below:

Source: El Pais


mp3sleek said...

Wow.i can't imagine how happy she would be.. It's a miracle indeed

Nnenne George said...

Great news for her n family

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

Amaka Doris said...

Happy for her and the's indeed a miracle. How I wish my mother woke up from coma😔

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Kiama Ibe said...

All thanks goes to God Almighty
Happy for them



Agbomen said...

Awesome! God is awesome! God is merciful nd a miracle worker!

Vic said...

Never knew a pregnant woman could give birth while in coma...This story is amazing.Can't imagine the happiness she'll be feeling waking up knowing she has a baby(Epic!!).Big ups to the granny in the Latina family always praying to God endlessly for this miracle.


Praise God big miracle for the family

Onah Caleb said...

God still works.

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Almost cried...

Long live LIB

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What an Awesome God we serve

Eva Da Diva...

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Joel Olaitan said...

For those who believe God doesn't exist, I hope this changes ur hearts. Miracles are too real.

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