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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Photos: Beautiful Kenyan woman murdered by her student lover, body stuffed in fridge

Irene Kananu, a HR officer was strangled to death by her 25-year-old college student lover, Abdulkarim Njoroge in Kahawa Wendani, Kiambu, Kenya on March 31.

Njoroge was arrested on Tuesday, April 11, in Mtwapa, Mombasa, after a two-week search. According to media reports, Kananu’s sister noticed that her phone was off for a few days and she reported the matter to Kimbo police station on April 3. After through investigations, Kananu’s body was found naked with her head inside the fridge while her legs and hips were sticking out in her house at Kahawa Wendani.

Njoroge allegedly strangled Kananu, an employee of chemical giant Henkel in Industrial Area. The pair reportedly fought after the deceased learnt that Njoroge had made a neighbour, his secret lover, pregnant.
There were no visible wounds but pathologists said she was strangled. Ruiru police chief, Isaac Thuranira, who confirmed the arrest said Njoroge was a regular visitor at Kananu's house.

He said Njoroge drove out of the compound in the deceased's car on April 3 alone. It is also alleged that the suspect withdrew Sh40,000 from Kananu's M-Pesa account and used it to fuel the car.
Meanwhile, Kananu was laid to rest on April 10. Photos below...


OSINANL said...



hmmmmm.... wonders shall never end

Muna Saphire said...

Such a painful way to go...may God forgive her her sins and rest her soul...amen

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

RIP dear

Anonymous said...

This love thing ehn.Love can make you so blind you wont even know the person you're busy calling boyfriend/gf, wife/husband,bae,boo and the likes, actually hates your guts. Hates you enough to cheat on you, kill you,take your car and your money and never look back.Be careful with this love thing o, it can get you killed.

Puddy Alpheaus said...

Hers is a big lesson to all those girls who pretends being Christian, but dating moslem men (boys). They're violent, always violent and can kill you without notice.

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