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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Photos: Adekunle Gold turns to meat seller

These are exclusive photos from Adekunle Gold's new video for 'Work'. Here he's seen cutting and selling meat at a local market in Lagos.

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uniquechic said...

tacky idea!!!!!!!me no like d concept@all

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

No be small meatbae

... Merited happiness

Teslim Omipidan said...

Behind every 'Ghana Must Go' bag is a story. Here is the real 1983 Ghana must go story
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Dare said...

Who is Adekunle Gold? (Increase your penis size @
I have not heard of him before?

ola philip said...

Y don't u ask ur father at home
Or does this place look like goole

Anonymous said...

Happy the video is coming, one of the best songs on that album.

casi said...

Linda all what you said on the video you made, make a whole lot of sense and I appreciate all of what was said on the video but one thing you should also know its easier said than done.I and my family has been suffering for as long as I can't remember, we've being feeding from hand to mouth,we've been sent back from school because we couldn't afford the fees anymore,we've been rejected out of our place of residence cause we couldn't afford to pay for the rent, everyone turned a blind eyes to my family, nothing we've not done to get finance to start up something so we can be doing but nobody is ready or willing to help out.In that kind of a situation, what next do you expect from such families? No one's salary is up to 20k,inside it you've got a lot of responsibilities to cater for, even on your self made,have traveled from afar on two occasions down to Lagos but all to no avail and only on this very last one i decided not to because I wasnt taken,even borrowed tf down to lag then,Linda i asked in a situation like mine,what do one needs to do? Its it not to hang oneself,life is sometimes unfair.I have been longing to be self made, have a business of my own,owe my own shop so I can be a better person in life but how can I achieve that with my teaching job of 9k? Life is frustrating pls,have only taken garri and groundnut since this morning because I needed to sub with the only 1500 with me,what to do nau to keep body and soul moving with the internet .so that its why I said all what you've said are encouraging o but when no help or support is forth coming to one,what do you expect,I am suffering, I need help,I need to be rescued from this my predicament, I have submitted my proposal then but wasn't looked into.
I need to be self made and I can't do this all by myself,I need help and support,it will go a long way in my future. I don't know what else to say again,tired of everything. Looking at videos like this from you most times makes me feel somehow.reach out to me pls,I need help and support to carry on in life.

Or you can use my life as a seed of faith to sow seed into it and believe things for a turn around because I believe my cry is been heard by God but I can't just figure out why are things so slow in changing for the better.

Anonymous said...

Wetin we go call this one mtchewww

agather said...

hhahaha celebrity meet seller of the day

dee boi said...

Seen... dee

Anonymous said...

R u Gifty of BBNaija???

caroline said...

This is entertaining... Lol

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

ogbonna george said...

Wow, that's my best track on that album and NO FORGET

Anonymous said...

I love Adekunle Gold. His music videos are brilliant.

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