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Monday, 10 April 2017

Nigerian lady accuses Lagos state policemen of violence and harassment meted out on her friend

According to the story shared by Oluwagbotemi on Twitter, some policemen accosted her friend who went to buy plantain in his neighborhood in Ikorodu yesterday. They rough handled him, seized his phone, went through it, detained him, and even cut his hair.

She also alleged that they demanded N50,000 from him before his phone will be released.
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Abayomi Shogunle, came across the Tweet and has requested that the victim makes a statement by himself

See the tweets below.


Ramirez said...

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CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Police matter tire me honestly. Hope this gets the attention of their superiors

Long live LIB

Badboy Siano said...

At the end they'll say he's a fraudster, even if he is one is that the treatment he deserves? Nigerian police I tire for una level, una no dey try at all. Zero orientation na him una get so,una no go stop to fall my hand. If una like make una come enter me too. They call me Badboy Siano in case u guys come looking 4 me.

Anonymous said...


JAO said...

It's what some of them do this days. Forcefully collect your phone or take you to the station or ff you home and of course some of their superiors knows about it but pretend.

Anonymous said...

Heh... not again...
Oh... this ain't supposed to happen to us as patience as we are in.this.fucked up country...You see the hate, that they're servin' the youths
So what are.we goin to' have - dessert or disaster....Nigerian police got me thinkin' about my life, and my son's wife up.this morning with this stupid.idea I.cant.stand watching.some.idiots harassing my son in of lookin.for.yahooboy..linda dakun broadcast this shit its real in ibadan and.the police are on

Anonymous said...

Anty Linda we have seen worst in festac. Area E police station is the worst in Nigeria. They harass a the young guys nd still go through people's phone wen u refuse the beat u up. I can get u a video evidence is so simple I will just waka pass them nd they will never fail to show themselves... especially in the afternoon during lunch hours.

dee boi said...

One tin I don't get is what police look for in people phone once they stop you especially if u use an iPhone? They are so rude and expect u to talk to them calmly when they exhibit dis attitude... dee

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