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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Nigerian cleaner jailed in Dubai for nearly battering man to death

A Dubai Court last Sunday sentenced a Nigerian cleaner to one year in prison for nearly killing a man. The 29-year-old cleaner battered the victim’s head with a stick following a heated argument and caused him a haemorrhage in May 2016.

The victim, whose nationality remained undisclosed in records, was taken to hospital where doctors performed urgent and life-saving surgery on him as he had suffered a haemorrhage.

Surgeons lifted the victim’s skull to be able to reduce the haemorrhage that had resulted in the man losing consciousness.

Law enforcement officers arrested the Nigerian, who was identified from the surveillance cameras installed at the building where the incident happened at 7.15pm.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the cleaner of assaulting the man and causing him a permanent disability. The Nigerian had pleaded innocent in court.

A police corporal testified that a person reported to them that someone had assaulted the victim, who was rushed to a hospital as he bled profusely from his head.

“The caller informed the police that the beaten man had an argument and quarrelled with the defendant, who battered his head with a stick. The caller said the man collapsed on the floor and lost consciousness. The surveillance cameras at the building where the assault happened clearly showed the Nigerian assaulting the man.

“The defendant was taken into custody. During questioning, he admitted that he had a heated argument with the victim … the argument developed into a fight. The accused said the man grabbed a stick and was about to attack him when he took it away and beat him. The accused admitted the victim fell down after he hit his head … he then threw away the stick and left the place,” the corporal said.

Medical reports confirmed that the victim’s head injury still requires medical follow-up.
The primary judgement remains subject to appeal within 15 days.


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Bhet why?

... Merited happiness

dupe said...

Let him serve his time.

Asapa said...

He should have gotten a longer sentence. lol... Here is how to get a big penis

Anonymous said...

I would rather believe the cleaner especially of the victim is of Arab descent. A lot of things happen in Dubai that you would find hard to believe. A lot of Nigerians are in the jail there for no crime at all

Char-Char Ngesa-Obinwogo 🇰🇪 said...

Thank you! These Arabs I personally cannot stand them and have no mercy for them.Christ give me the grace! I even ask
Why any blacks go to live and work for these infidels.They will treat dogs better

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