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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Mexicans burn caricatures of Donald Trump during Easter celebrations

Mexicans celebrated Easter this weekend by burning an effigy of the current US President, Donald Trump. The Mexicans have an Easter tradition known as ‘burning of Judas' where they burn models of Judas Iscariot and other figures symbolising evil and treachery.
For this year's celebration, hundreds of Mexicans came together for the traditional Mexico city ritual and sculptures of Donald Trump were burned alongside models of Judas Iscariot and other ‘evil’ figures.
Trump sparked fury during the presidential race when he threatened to build a wall along Mexico's border with the US, and force Mexico to pay for it. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto objected to paying for any wall built by Trump. One of the Trump sculptures paraded by the Mexicans had a wall in place of Trump's head to symbolize the much talked about wall.
This will be the second year in which the Mexicans cast Judas as Trump. Locals congregated in a public square to watch the effigy burn alongside the setting off of fireworks. Asides Trump, an effigy of the Mexican President, Pena Nieto, was also burned alongside that of Trump. Pena Nieto's popularity has fallen over the last couple of years due to his failure to combat corruption scandals.


livingstone chibuike said...


Pretty woman friend said...

They're sick. How is dt, of any value to dt country? Bunch of idiots

Esther Norah said...

This will not stop Trump from dealing with u lazy pple. U Mexicans have constituted nuisance in the US and Trump is the right man for u guys. Lazy pple like the SA, period

Anonymous said...

Idiots.....ur legs don't touch Mexico b4 for u to knw say dem lazy???....dey dere dey blive the single story.weytin u knw say dem dey refer to Nigerians as.Yeye pikin_in jenifa's voice_

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Peter James said...

Mumu annon. Na bad thing to build fence to protect your people? Na people like you de support apc a d buhari. Ode.

Anonymous said...

You are a fool calling Mexicans lazy.I live in the US and I know Mexicans are more hardworking than Nigerians.their women alone handles work that a Nigerian men cannot do.Even trump knows Americans cannot do what they can do.Get your facts straight before you comment.

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