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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Mark your calendars; #LagosGrillFest2017 is here!

Have you been wondering where to mark the Easter celebrations with your family and friends?
The Lagos Grill and Barbecue Festival is your best bet. The biggest Bbq festival in Lagos is
happening on Sunday, 16th of April 2017 (Easter Sunday) at the Muri Okunola Park, Victoria
Island, Lagos.

Time: 1pm

Guests will be entertained to a groovy and carefree space, with tasty looking and
mouth-watering grilled and barbecue bites at every corner from top notch vendors, restaurants,
eateries and grill masters from in and around Lagos.

The list includes ​Grind Grill, Sean B, Grills in and out, Islander Bbq, Lala’s Grill, Kmac bbq, Delicioso Mobile Chefs, Roadstar burgers, Ready Steady bbq, Naija Pitboys, Gams, Kora’s grill, Naija Butcher Bbq, Krd, Comos grills, Boli Juntion and Chef Ette.

Entertainment will come via musical performances by ​Sean Tizzle, Dice Alies, Ric Hassani,
Acetune, kollydee, Attitude, Jinmi Abduls, Henry Slim, Jazzz Ata, Mikel, DapoTurbana,
Largess, Ryan, Genuis Whay.

DJ Snatch and Paranomal DJ​ would keep the momentum of the show going, and the event
will be hosted by ​Larry Foreman.

According to Francis Ebie, the coordinator of the event and CEO of The Grind, Everything is
now set for the 2017 edition and it is going to be ‘’ground-breaking’’. Get ready for the Master
Class by Chef Nkesi and hotess wings and who can eat the most burger competition by my
humbLe self. For me, this is one of the major highlights of the event.

The Lagos Grill and BBQ Festival caters to all age ranges as a section of the park would be a
haven for kids to bask in, with bouncy castles and other fun activities.

Also, there will be a Jack Daniels Brothers of the Grill BBQ Competition, with 750,000 Naira up
for grabs!

All in all, the Lagos Grill and BBQ Festival will be a celebration of the art of grilling with fire and
smoke, bringing guests from a mix of lifestyles under one roof, to celebrate the holidays away
from the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

The 2017 Lagos Grill and bbq festival is powered by The Grind and flavoured by Jack Daniels.
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Foodafricana /Day and Night/ Fomo Lagos /Uber Nigeria.

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Watch the highlights from the Lagos grill and BBQ festival 2016 here:

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Johnson said...

okay.. cool. It is going to be [Get a bigger penis here] like a suya/barbeque festival or something.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

shayari said...

It's all about fun.

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