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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Man U.'s Anthony Martial gets trolled by ex-wife Samantha on Snapchat

Just in case you don't know about Samantha Helena and Anthony Martial's story (Read here and here)Samantha Helena, ex-wife to Man U star footballer, Anthony Martial and mother of his baby,has taken to Snapchat to troll the footballer after he was snubbed once again by Man U. coach for Chelsea's game on Sunday.
Samantha broke up with Martial in April 2016 after he cheated on her with an X-factor contestant, Emily Wademan. The footballer has since moved on from Emily, as he's now dating  Melanie da Cruz.
If Man United wins their remaining games this season, they’ll qualify for the Champions league but one player who isn’t influencing Man United’s season recently, however, has been Anthony Martial.

Mourinho left the French forward out his squad against the Blues, and it’s now clear that the player isn’t happy according to Samantha's post on Snapchat. She posted the following message in French:
'You say you’re not playing because of me. Am I Mourinho?'
From the post it seems there is a rift between Jose Mourinho and Martial as the player has lost his place in the starting team.


Emotional Accountant said...

He's still earning his cool cash though..
The lack of money is the root of all evil
(Argue with your ancestors)

Swtswt Eze said...


Nnenne George said...

Their cup of garri..

Anonymous said...

Samatha, move on with ur life dear. Forget the past and forge ahead.

Linda for like ages, u v refused to post my comments. Is it because of the ad attached 2 it? But u always allowed ads on ponzi schemes and sometimes similar ads on tbc on ur comment sections. What do u hav against mine?

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Anonymous said...

good works Linda

Anonymous said...

Martial snubbed? Come on, Mourinho didn't even used some of his first team players like Ibrahimovic, Mikhitaryan etc on Sunday against Chelsea. Moreover, Martial played against Sunderland and Anderlecht. That b*tch just dey find attention.

Eazzy Pompey said...

Its well

Okogba said...

Can she please move on already

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