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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Lagos based mother of two shares her excess weight/belly fat ordeal & how she regained her dream body with this natural therapy after years of trial

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This is not another slim tea. I finally decided to stop repeating my past mistakes in my struggle to achieve weightloss. I am a Mother of 2 Kids and have been struggling with my weight since after childbirth, but I was stuck in the rat race because I have always wanted it fast!
Not until I decided to take the Healthy/Natural approach to weightloss through the BURNIN30 Combined therapy did I finally achieve my long set weightloss goal.

I am not ashamed to say that I was laughed at a couple of times by my colleagues at work, because every now and then I had different slim teas I saw online delivered to me.
I remember the day, my annoying colleague that sits next to me told me, “Madam Slim teas, Are you not tired of buying these teas, have you thought of the side effects?”

I felt mocked but she was saying the complete truth, which made me rethink my approach and now get results worth the many stressful years of trials and error.

I have one advice for you who needs to finally do away with annoying belly, arm, thigh, breast or body fat, Switch to the Natural Approach to weightloss if you must get results.

I learnt this the hard way, and it has cost me a fortune.

I kept spending on several slim teas, drugs, Local concoctions, slim patch, Chinese drinks but still got no lasting results. They don’t Work!

Except for those who want to lose a few 2-4kg which only reflects on the scale not your mirror.

If as a lady, you want to fit into that old skinny jean that first caught your husband’s eye, or that Dinner gown you loved most, If you want to drop from 18 dress size to 11 Dress size, you need to follow a healthy approach which required you to Eat properly, Boost your metabolism, Detox yourself and get more active!

Let me give you a sneak peek of what my day on the All Natural Burn in 30 combined fatloss therapy looks like.

1.    When I wake up in the morning, I am advised to give my body a dose of what I decided to nickname “The Magic Water” to get your system ready to lose weight. This Magic water is simply the Advanced Lemonade drink.
It’s simply you squeezing Fresh Lemon into a Cup of warm water, but that is not all. There is that little Magic thing you can add to it to give you a perfect detox drink that can be taken to the office to ensure that you are cleansing your liver and colon all day.
I will tell you that cheap Magic thing shortly.
Some days, I take a Special Alkaline Detox Drink which comes with the Burinin30 Kit and this drink I must say is the most powerful detoxifier around. Makes you feel lighter in minutes, an anti-bloater and deep liver cleanser

2.    I take my Magic water or Alkaline Drink as early as possible, then Next is my breakfast which are usually 100% Delicious Nigerian foods that can be prepared in as short as 6mins(I needed this as a Working Mum).

My breakfast is mostly composed of a High protein/ Mid Carb food combination as well as their recipes in the Manual for those I didn’t know how to prepare. Am sure you know that it’s very important to start your day with a High protein food with some dose of Carbohydrate to energies through the day.

3.    Lunch which has been my problem in the past due to my work schedule became more fun because If I couldn’t afford a proper lunch meal, I could replace it with more affordable fruits like carrot, cucumber and Garden egg. (Economical for me as a mum in this recession)

4.    In the instruction Manual that came with my Kit also provided with me with a List of Healthy Nigerian food options for weightloss that I can choose from according to my budget. As well as the wrong ones I should run away from in order to achieve me dream body.

5.    I almost forgot to tell you about the Herbal Burn Slim Supplement which is the best Metabolism boosting Herbal food supplement I have ever seen. Anytime I felt like Cheating a bit and have my fatty foods, I just take a Burn Slim Supplement 30 mins before Heavy foods and watch my food digest faster than normal.

This Herbal Supplement has a major source of the world’s best known fat Mobilizer in it too

6.    I have my dinner on or before 6pm then If possible, give myself a 30 minutes brisk working around my compound or follow the simple at home workout DVD that comes with the Kit.

This is just a simple overview of what a fit day looks like for me with this Natural fatloss therapy.
On this therapy am not deprived. I still eat my rice, eba, egusi and white soup on designated days so I love my meal plan so much.

My Result from this therapy is a testimony even to my doubting friends, my husband who got tired of sponsoring my slim teas shopping spree.
I have successfully in lost over 11kg using this short 30 days combined fatloss Therapy

Grace Nwosu

Here are some testimonies from the BURN in 30 Therapy that further proves how effective it is….


If you finally want to take your weightloss struggle into your own hands, then yourself a favor by trying this All New BURNIN30 Combined Fatloss Therapy.

Here is What the KIT Looks LIKE

Or Follow the Procedure below…..
We are currently running an Easter promo on this therapy so more people can afford it and get result like those above

Therefore this therapy goes for just N27,000 for one month Therapy plus a bonus 30 Days Meal plan instead of N32,000

And it’s for a Limted time.

How to Order

Simply send us a text message with the following details.

"Your Full Name”
"Preferred Address of Delivery (Your home or Office)”
"Phone Numbers (If you have more than one better)”
"Preferred Date of Delivery (if you are not yet in town)”

Send this as a text message or Whatsapp Message to 08126594436

Once you make your order, we will get your kit to you in 3-7 days then you pay at your convenience.


For Further Enquries: Call/Whatsapp 08126594436.

F.A.Qs: Frequently Asked Questions.

Whats in the BURNIN30 Kit.
The Burn in 30 Kit comes with a Pack of Alkaline Drink (Super detoxifier), A Pack of the100% Herbal Burn Slim Supplement, An Instruction Manual with 8 weeks Meal Plan(100% Nigerian foods) and a Workout DVD (At home workouts routines, no equipment)

How Does it work?
BURNIN30 is a combined weightloss therapy that ensures you will lose as much as 3-5kg in the first week through Detox, with the help of our Special Alkaline Drink, then go ahead and drop as much as 1-2 Dresss sizes at the end of the second week through healthy eating and following our well designed meal plan, not to mention our Highly effective Fat breaker and Metabolism boosting Burn Slim Herbal Supplement.
So you are combining Detox, A Healthy eating plan, At homeWorkout DVD, and the Burn Slim Supplement to get massive weightloss results.

Any side effects?
There is no recorded side effect with the Use of this therapy as all constituents and Procedures are 100% Natural and Healthy approaches to weightloss. Designed by professional Nutritionist and experts, we advise pregnant women to only follow the healthy Meal plan.

How much weight can I lose
Although weightloss comes differently for people, if you follow the instructions atleast 70% of the time, you can drop from 11kg in the first 30 days and keep it the fat from coming back. We have people that have lost over 2-4 Dress sizes and more with this Therapy.

How to Make your Order Today!
Send Us a Text/Whatsapp with your Details including (Name, Address, Phone Number) to 08126594436 and we will send your kit across to you for Just N27,000
N/B: This is an Easter Promo that ends soon!



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