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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Lab technician who sells pregnant women's blood to ritualists nabbed in Ghana

A senior lab attendant at the Abura Dunkwa District Hospital in Ghana has been arrested for allegedly selling the blood of pregnant women to ritualists otherwise known as Sakawa boys.

The lab technician, whose name is given as Stephen Enyan, was exposed following the frequent death of patients or their unborn babies at the hospital when they come for antenatal checks.

This resulted in complaints being made to the hospital and the Abura Dunkwa District Police were duly alerted about it, leading to further probing into the matter.

Stephen Enyan's illegal trade in pregnant women's blood was uncovered after one policeman posed as one of his customers. In a WhatsApp conversation, the policeman agreed to pay GH¢10,000 for the blood of a pregnant woman and offered GH¢250 as part payment. The lab technician was later arrested when he tried to recover his balance from the police officer. He is believed to have sold the blood for amounts ranging from GH¢5,000 to GH¢10,000.


livingstone chibuike said...

hmm his cup don full

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

These r the kind of people I dnt feel emotions for when they get lynched!!! 10000 over a child's life carried for nine months!

Long live LIB

Olisaemeka Nwadiugwu said...

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Kiama Ibe said...

OMG.... what is this world turning into?

Catherine Aneke said...

Jesus!u waste people's lives because of money and wen the mother or the child is he ll know that is his hand wrk, chai wickedness

Here Is How To Get A Big Penis [Click Here] said...

He deserves a long prison sentence.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Uche Igbokwe said...

Everybody be careful for your life and be prayerful. Can you imagine

Emeka Izuogu said...

They should flog him to death

donduke said...

The dangers of life can only be averted by the help of God!

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