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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Kenya's Daniel Wanjiru wins the men's race in the 2017 London Marathon

Kenya’s Daniel Wanjiru has just won the 2017 London Marathon.  Wanjiru won the race in 2 hours, 05 minutes and 49 seconds, beating pre-race favourite Bekele to second place as Kenya’s Bedan Karoki, who was making his marathon debut, settled in third place.  

It's Wanjiru’s first major victory since he won Amsterdam marathon last year.


Anonymous said...

Kenyans are known for'endurance marathon'.

Anonymous said...

The wonders a human body can do.

Lady G said...

Can they cancel Kenyans from all these race

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Visionary said...

When it comes to middle and long distance races, Kenya has dominated the rest of the world to their injury. And I don't see them relenting any time soon, It is an heritage and a legacy! Nigeria needs to learn from this. If you follow the Olympics you will see how countries consistently dominate in certain sports, which is become their areas of comparative advantage. But Nigeria is neither here nor there. Sad!!

John Amos Abiodun said...

You better stop 'coz you're going down the hill without rising up,,, so stop

Vivian Reginalds said...

awwww I knew he would...
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

PATTKO said...

I don't know why pple just like criticizing Nigeria over everything. People like this is obvious they can't do anything. Why can't you develop your skills and make Nigeria great instead of comparing.

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