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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Jamaica's Violet Brown becomes world's oldest woman

Last week, World's oldest woman Italian Emma Morano, died at the age of 117 (Read  Here) and immediately the titled of the oldest woman in the world went to someone else. The new holder of the title is117-year-old Jamaican; Violet-Mosse Brown otherwise known as Aunt V. She was born on March 10, 1900, which is 67 years before Jamaica was founded. 

She has been a music teacher and church organist for over 80 years. After her husband's death in 1997, she took over his responsibilities and became a record-keeper for the local cemetery.

Her new title was confirmed by Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness who congratulated Brown on the achievement on Twitter.

Brown became the world's oldest living person last week after the death of Italy's 117-year-old Emma Morano.


Anonymous said...

How are these things even confirmed sef? My grandma I'm pretty sure is older than her. My grandma's elder sister just died last year and her age was pegged at 109 cos peeps couldn't exactly say although they knew she was way older. And my grandma is just about a yr younger than her. She is currently holds the title of the oldest person alive in the town. Just wondering how these things are confirmed.

victor ibegbulam said...

Is this area we inhabit not part of the world? People live up to 120 years and above,at least we see programs and posters for burial ceremonies everyday, yet none has made history as the oldest living being in the world. Just asking.

Emotional Accountant said...

The lack of money is the root of all evil
(Argue with your ancestors)

livingstone chibuike said...

wishing her more 200yrs ahead

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, there are older Individuals but they cannot prove their age due to lack of birth certificates and records e.g. in Africa. For such reasons, don't believe in such oldest whatever!

Nnenne George said...

They haven't come to my village.. they will see plenty old women who are above 117yrs..

Puddy Alpheaus said...

May God give her many more years, and strengthen her health

Anonymous said...

Enter your comment...exactly. There are far more older people here in nigeria

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

ken christy said...

Congrats to her. Wishing her good health

Marie-Jurie said...

My birth month and date.....wawuu

Samuel Orisakwe said...

Mumu, do away with ur Law of Affidavit n ur Politicians that will not allow u put ur real age, remember ur under Sixteen that use to be 25 or 30 yrs n u don't no de World is watching

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