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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Introducing Mailguru, Nigeria's First Email Marketing Automation Platform

The impact of Email marketing on businesses cannot be over emphasized as business transactions, news, feedback, updates, invoices, adverts are just a mail away today.
Mailguru, an email marketing automation platform, first of its kind in Nigeria, aims at makingemail marketing campaigns easy to use and affordable for all,
so businesses, bloggers, and everyone needing to send a mass email can create and send beautiful emails customers would love.
 As per the launch of the newest email marketing platform MailGuru, on the 24th day of November 2016, people will be impressed of its featured automation and email marketing intended for different types of businesses. This is a one-of-a kind platform that can drive success to business owners in Nigeria and all over the world.
With MailGuru, people will learn on how to personalize their email marketing. They will learn how to send personalized emails to customers that can drive high conversions to businesses. This is significant to show how business owners introduce their business to customers personally.
In addition, this can help them to be on time and get the most of control on the time to send emails. 
They can always create a huge impact to customers at the right time. Through the emails, they will send on time, the business will be brought to the market at the right time.
MailGuru also helps business owners in the goal of becoming relevant. This can also help them create on-brand and beautiful emails that offer exact and clear content to audiences. Being one of the most powerful platforms for email marketing, this can also help turn customers into loyal fans using 
automated journeys of personalized customer and email campaigns. This platform also offers easy and simple tools to be able to drive real and successful business results.
Moreover, this offers advanced tracking giving business owners the opportunity to obtain real time 
updates on the success and progress of their business. It is expected that more people and business 
owners will be interested in using the email marketing platform for their guaranteed satisfaction.
For those business owners who want to obtain the highest level of success and progress in their businesses, never miss out the chance to get in touch with MailGuru. Visit or email them at

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