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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I was just 200 meters from Dortmund stadium when the bombs struck the team bus – Sunday Olisheh

Following the bomb explosion that erupted close to Borussia Dortmund stadium on Tuesday night, injuring one Dortmund FC player, Marc Bartra. Former Nigeria Super Eagles captain and coach, Sunday Oliseh is thanking God for his life.

According to him, he was 200 meters away from Dortmund stadium in Germany when the bomb blasts occurred.


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Thank God for his life

... Merited happiness

Faith Ogaga's (SIM-MATES ACCESSORIES) said...

Praise God

Dapo said...

wow... he sure is lucky. Here is how to get a big penis


Thank God no life was lost in that incident.

. ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

Studio76 said...

Ok noted

daniel ubong said...


Anonymous said...

A ga'juu onye? Na only 200 meters ? Me personally was with a measuring tape and I was precisely 60.1 meters from ibeku.

Jay Blaze said...

The bomb for scatter your teeth

Anonymous said...

Brother, go for thank giving.

Jay Blaze said...


BlueStacks said...

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Badboy Siano said...

To thank who? Who save am? He got lucky because he wasn't at the spot of the explosion na then u for know whether God dey save or not? All the ones wey boko haram blow why him no save dem? Mtcheeeeeew......anybody wey wan hate me dey free.

FRESH said...

Oliver go and sit down! Stop the attention seeking. 200 metres is like from Oshodi to Anthony. You were fucking far from the bomb mate.

Oladapo Agbelusi said...

He is an attention seeker. the foolish oliseh

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