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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I never collected $200m bribe in Malabu oil deal - Goodluck Jonathan

Former President Jonathan has debunked reports that he received the sum of $200m bribe from the Malabu oil deal.

Jonathan's denial comes after American news website, Buzzfeed, claimed in a report that he got $200m in the 2011 controversial sale of the oil block OPL 245 from indigenous oil company Malabu to Shell and ENI.

In a statement released yesterday through his media aide, Ikechukwu Eze, he denied the allegation saying report was 'false in its entirety.'

The statement reads: 'The allegations that former President Goodluck Jonathan received $200 million as proceeds from the Malabu Oil deal which were published on a gossip news site, Buzzfeed, and republished by a few other newspapers, is false in its entirety, and is one more in the series of fake news sponsored by those threatened by Dr. Jonathan’s continuously rising profile in the international community.

Common sense should have shown the purveyors of this slander that the Malabu oil deal far predated the Jonathan regime and it would only make sense for him to be bribed if he had a time machine to go back in time to when the deal was struck.

The report relied on hearsay evidence from a man of questionable character who provided no substance to back up his false claim.

The man quoted by the report said he ‘assumed’ that Dr. Jonathan would be bribed. Since when has the assumption of a crook been enough to smear the reputation of a patriot and international statesman like Dr. Goodluck Jonathan?' the statement said.


Alloy Chikezie said...


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Anonymous said...

Rising international profile indeed, as a scientist or as a corrupt thief you ain't good at your job Mr public opinion changer , there is little leaf left to cover una exposed yansh . Ode

Oghenetega said...

I don't like this Suegbe Man..
U didn't collect $200m and who did or dem Reno Omokri & co don collect am on ur behalf..
Thay should investigate this cash cause its too much and ppl keep shouting Buhari when the previous government ran this country to ground zero..
Wicked set of ppl..
Whoever steal from the country will all use the Money to treat one illness or more with Families..
Wicked souls.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He can sabi Refute everything..
Long Mtscheeeeew.

Yemi said...

He did... he is just lying. Here is how to get a big penis


Sir me I'm making reference to the report by BBC not Buzzfeed, thought you were going to address the one by BBC.
You have denied every wrongdoing that happened under your watch, even the one your wife was confused of you formed ignorant.
Is Dan Etete not known to you, was Deziani not your minister?
The only reason this government is yet to prosecute you is politics of the nigerdelta interest, you and your friends nearly turned this country to Venezuela.
Watch the BBC report and weep for this country and generations unborn.
Look at what I found on Nation Newspaper.

The House of Representatives ad hoc committee investigating the alleged corruption, malpractices and breach of due process in the award of OPL 245 has indicted former President Jonathan for his role in the contentious Malabu oil block deal. Dr Jonathan denies any wrongdoing.

The report on the Oil Prospecting Licence (OPL) 245, which comprises a large area of 1,958 square kilometers, including two deep water fields and reckoned to hold an estimated 9.2 billion barrels of crude oil, followed over three months of continuous investigation.

The committee, headed by Hon. Rasak Atunwa, who is also the Chairman, House Committee on Justice, believes the former president cannot claim ignorance of the facts leading to the payout of $1.1 billion on the Malabu deal which culminated in a huge revenue loss for the country.

The committee recommended that the ex-president be given an opportunity to explain his role in the approval of the April 2011 Agreement which acted as a catalyst for the supposed “resolution” on which the $1.1 billion was paid.

The committee also stated that since allegations against the ex-President are weighty, the House should invite him to appear before it to state his side of the story, especially if he approved the payment as claimed by some of the principal actors in the issue and also to clear his name that he received part of the payout.

Dr Jonathan was indicted by the Southern Crown Court in the United Kingdom (case no 74/14) before Mr. Justice Edis on 23rd and 24th November, 2015, between Malabu Oil and Gas Limited (Applicant) and the Director of Public Prosecution (Respondent ).

The original application, The Nation learnt, had been made following a Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) request made on 26th May, 2014, by Mr. Fabio de Pasquale, a Public Prosecutor of Milan (PPM).

The former President was alleged to have received part of the $1. 1 billion paid to Malabu Oil. He denied ever receiving any cash.

The UK court, in its judgement, said: “It is of note that Malabu had paid (if anything) only a very small proportion of the sum which it received for this licence. Therefore, a sum of approximately $1bn for exploration right of OPL 245 was paid, not to the Nigerian people for whom they belonged, but to Malabu.”

The committee is also asking for the prosecution of former Minister of Petroleum Resources Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke for her role in the alleged fraud.

Mrs. Alison-Madueke was recommended for prosecution on the premise that the transfer of the funds was approved through an escrow account allegedly opened by herself and former Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Muhammed Adoke, through two Nigerian banks"

God will judge you and your friends.

. ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

Chinedum Anikpo said...

maybe ur wife did

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up GEJ --- never received $200M but got a lower amount

Anonymous said...

Whatever they like they should put on your head we will never believe them they should provide core evidence instead of hearsay, ride on boss man,your people still root for you.GEJ.

lami said...

Yimu 😛

Soulz said...

Naso we dey hear

daniel ubong said...

Don't mind them.

tsalz said...

Niger get money sha..

Anonymous said...

IBB junior Brother, you can even denied you never be president of Nigeria before sir,

sisi said...

So who collected the money on your behalf, Jonathan likes playing dumb .

Anonymous said...

Amen! GEJ is a useless fool. Common thief

Anonymous said...

GEJ is lying here. Money was laundered through AA Oil! Liar. Their greed got them into trouble. They failed to pay Emeka Obi and the Russian. Since then, this has blown up to become their undoing. If only they had paid the agents. Greed! Well it is good Nigerians know how much was looted in that deal. I liked GEJ but he is a very very weak man. Adoke should also rot in JAIL! I may not like Buhari but if he can bring justice in this matter, he will score highly in his anti corruption stance. Just this and he will be a legend.

Anonymous said...

Bonario Nnags or what 're called, can devil cast out devil, those u claimed 're fighting corruption 're more corrupt than those they 're fighting, i 've never seen a corrupt administration like this Buhari's administration, if u 're not APC u 're corrupt, INEC, Judiciary belong 2 Buhari, whatever he tells them, thhey will do, if PDP wins election, it will be nulified but if it's APC it is authentic. He will schedule re- run election where innocent blood 're shaded and all will be in his head.

FRESH said...

Yeah right! I also have never had sex all my life.This man no dey shame oh!

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised? Only an idiotic person like you would type such gullible crap.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

It was %198M not $200M, Liars.

Chinedu Okechukwu said...

Jonathan and his ilks need to be killed

Ebikobowei odumu said...

Certainly not before you kill IBB,Abusalam,ElRufai, Danjuma, Buhari and his SGF

Ebikobowei odumu said...

Not before u kill IBB, Abusalam, Danjuma, Saraki, SGF,ElRufai and even Buhari

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